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Reader's Comments (2009)
Comments for article: Magic Eraser
kimberly, Dec 29, 2009.
Thank you..for this I know is true. What I wasn't intending on in this current "dirtiness" in my life has again become a path of life making it a way of life. I am once again entrapped in this cycle I have done all my life and "It wasn't suppose to happen again" I even said no. I Believed the lies... the broken promises of a hope for marriage. I thought that this man of God had integrity the way he shared about leading out in the church; leading groups; and preaching. I thought for sure this was God's man for me. Now I am dirty again... I am thankful I have the crimson blood of Jesus, because I am Gods girl, an I will always be Gods girl...I desire that power that Pastor talks about. I desire that companion that can also spur me along. I thought I had it; rather I thought wrong... Truly my life is in Gods Hands...

Comments for article: Killer Advertisements
Yvonne, Dec 26, 2009.
Never smoked, that is, after trying a rolled up banana leaf as a child. The one who promotes and makes a living off selling tobacco does not use any of it.

Comments for article: Technology Fast
Michelle Augustin, Dec 24, 2009.
Right on target. May God help us.

Comments for article: Life of Integrity
Michelle Augustin, Dec 24, 2009.
Though you did the right thing, I would have gone to the teller myself. By going to the manager, you could have cost this poor teller his job, or getting written up.

Comments for article: Killer Advertisements
barbara tackett, Dec 20, 2009.
i started smoking at 15 years old, i am now 63 years old. tomorrow i start chemo and radiation.i have lung cancer, stage 3b. i quit smoking many times but never for good, the day i went into the hospital, i did quit, if i live, i don't think i will ever smoke again.

Comments for article: Does Hell Exist?
Mike, Dec 18, 2009.
The Living Word Translation is a mixture of paraphrasing and literal translation. I would go back to a more literal translation when you exegete a text. The NKJV NIV ESV NASB are all good English translations. Jesus talks about hell more than anyone and he is not talking about Hades or the greek place of the dead.

Comments for article: Free From Guilt
Pearl, Dec 14, 2009.
Thank you for sharing this, please pray for me to FORGIVE myself and also to believe He loves me and has forgiven me. Thank you & God bless, pearl

Comments for article: Creating Sacred Space
Leslie Braun, Dec 11, 2009.
On your page for the first time. This article is a blessed reminder of what we can do to spend more time with our God who loves us so much. I like the idea of a corner or spot in our homes to remind us to open the Bible for a little extra time to hear His voice! We need more time with Him to keep us under His wing and away from fear, etc.. to keep us strong and sense His love and presence. Thanks for sharing.

Comments for article: Bye-bye Babysitter!
John, Dec 6, 2009.
Wonderful! Got rid of out TV long before we had our first child and never regretted it! Great article and glad to see it on your website

Comments for article: In God's Hands?
Trish, Dec 4, 2009.
I'm one of those 46 million without health insurance because I got downsized from my job 18 months ago, couldn't afford COBRA and can't buy insurance because of a pre-existing condition. I'm living the life of faith for my health, my car, and my finances. God is good - All the Time! In the meantime, I've had time to do all sorts of interesting/amazing things. Best of all, I have time to "go on God's errands." Wonder what He has for me to do next?!

Comments for article: Amazing Love
Elizabeth Quigley, Nov 30, 2009.
I read this story a year after my grandpa died, and it really gave me a new perspective on things. God really has a mysterious way of working:-)

Comments for article: Gift Your Pastor
bjware, Nov 29, 2009.
This is a wonderful article...I try not to wait for pastor appreciation to show some tangible form of appreciation to the pastor and his family, but I need to do it a little more. Thanks for the encouragement.

Comments for article: Burying Money
Ms. Mary E. Hernandez, Nov 15, 2009.
I have been blessed by your candid, thought-provoking and encouraging article. Keep using your gifts. They are blessing others, including your fourth grade elementary teacher. Sincerely, Ms. Hernandez/Osborn

Comments for article: The Empty Tomb
Janel, Nov 8, 2009.
I knew Shannon too! I was a struggling preteen when she impacted my life and then was gone... You're right, she was one of the kindest people I ever knew. Thanks for the beautiful reminder that Jesus has won the victory over death! Can't wait to see Shannon and other loved ones when He comes!!!

Comments for article: Disclaimers
Mari Mattocks, Nov 7, 2009.
I love this article. Gods love is always worth it!

Comments for article: Disclaimers
Bruce, Nov 4, 2009.
Thanks. Well said and a good refresher!

Comments for article: Prayer Solutions
Dawn Mantle, Oct 27, 2009,
I very much agree with your thoughts on all day comunication with God. I have done this for some times while weeding a graden watering any activity that does not take total concentration is moment to connect!......Dawn

Comments for article: Are You "There" Yet?
Loraine F. Sweetland, Oct 23, 2009,
I really related to this one--thanks so much for these thoughts.

Comments for article: Freddy's House
Billie Sue McCue, Oct 19, 2009,
I enjoyed reading Freddy's House, With so many people in this world , I being one of them who come out of a dis- functional childhood. For me: all of life, I have battled this disfunction. To me we all suffer something in our life some more then others as for me I was mentally, emotionally physical and verbal abused. I empathize with this article.

Comments for article: Happy Harvest
Maureen Shafer, Oct 14, 2009,
Thank you for helping me to realizing a new and better approach to pumpkins and all that go with October. Harvest season and colorful leaves.

Comments for article: Four-Letter Word
Sheridan Smith, Oct 10, 2009,
I believe hope is a word that is mostly felt and not seen. When Christ walked this earth He gave those who followed hope and they could feel and sense it in Him. With Obama he can not save us spiritually but he lends his ideals to inspire us to be worthy citizens. As Christ said, "render unto God that which is God's and unto Ceasar that which is Ceasar's." God knew since the fall, man would have to serve both. He will give us the eternal well of life while he will send men like David and Joseph to lead in the world which is difficult and much prayer must be given for those who lead including President Obama.

Comments for article: Four-Letter Word
Jonas Maxwell, Oct 2, 2009,
The difference is that Jesus told the truth. With Him, there truly IS hope.

Comments for article: Gift Your Pastor
Mark, Sep 26, 2009,
I agree with this article. When a pastor is emotionally healthy it is passed on to a church body that in turn spawns a healthy growing church.

Comments for article: Cats In Heaven?
Mack, Sep 21, 2009,
Yes your baby (kitty) will be in Heaven. We should remember that the "creation" was subject to the curse "unwillingly" meaning that the creation and all the animals in it are innocent and have no sin and therefore they don't need to be saved, they have automatic entrance into the kingdom of God and heaven and your baby will be waiting for you when you get there. Just make sure your name is in "The Book of Life". Remember Jesus is Lord.

Comments for article: Hunger for God
Judy Witherspoon, M.Div., Sep 12, 2009,
Thank you for the fitting reminder that fullness and satiety in life require more than physical food and entertainment. My hunger and thirst for righteousness and more of our Eternal God have dramatically increased since I realize true satisfaction is to be found in these alone.

Comments for article: Life is Fair
Judy Witherspoon, M.Div., Sep 12, 2009,
Thank you for the inspiring article. The fairness of life is obviously to be found in the fact that both good and bad are ubiquitous to the human experience. I enjoy the thoughtfulness and clarity of your writing. Sincerely, Judy W. Chester, PA

Comments for article: Always on Time
sharon mansell, Sep 11,
Thank you, Irving, for pointing me to the Word in a time of difficulty. I've been waiting on an answer to a certain prayer for 40 years. I will continue to wait on the Lord, trusting Him to perfect that which concerns me.

Comments for article: A Prudent Wife
Cherise, Sep 10, 2009,
Hi, I think this is vital, because many "prudent wives or future wives" downplay their intellect in hopes of attaining a spouse. We should be aware of our gifts from God and never shy away from them. Additionally, we should strive to attain more wisdom daily!!!! Can never have too much!! Have a great day!!!

Comments for article: Whoever
Dave & Rene Snyder, Sep 8, 2009,
Good stuff!

Comments for article: Mothers and Sons
Anita, Sep 5, 2009,
I am a mother raising a daugther and son. I will purchase this book. My son's father is struggling with his own manhood. I fear he is not providing the proper guidance for our son. I want to be sure I am giving him the right outlook. Thank you.

Comments for article: Sinister Silence
Michele Bailey, Sep 5, 2009,
How true this principle of silence is, but not usually presented like this. We want to be "good" Christians...free of faults and sin. The fact is we cannot escape it completely as hard as we try. Thanks be to God for sending His son for each one of us.

Comments for article: Sweet Boys
Delia, Sep 4, 2009,
Thank you. That was what I needed to hear when I needed to hear it. Thank you.

Comments for article: Say a Little Prayer
The Rev. Elizabeth Carpenter, Sep 4, 2009
There are more than two types of prayer and some disagreement as to exactly how many categories, but at least five kinds of articulated prayer: adoration, thanksgiving, confession, intercession, and petition. There are also forms of non-verbal prayer, including contemplative and ecstatic. Prayer can saturate our actions, turning work, music, and art into forms of worship.

Comments for article: The Good Orlandoan
Bonnie , Sep 4, 2009,
How very True! I've done the same thing. Thank God we have such a Patient, Loving, & (most of all) Forgiving God who knows our hearts and Lovingly corrects us "works in progress" whenever we "blunder"! Great Story! Thank you & thank God! :)

Comments for article: No Other Gods
Aisha C., Aug 29, 2009,
I agree with your statements, I was shocked when he died as well, and the African American community lost a very WELL KNOWN famous idol. There are so many Hollywood stars who become additive to drugs and medications, using them as stimulants to feel better (as in Michael Jackson's case), but remember Michael's family in prayer as well. God's love is sufficient for everyone who receives and believe in Jesus Christ and we shouldn't workship anyone else in his place. For God says, I am a jealous God, and we deserves our worship and praises. God gave Michael Jackson a voice to sing, but sadly he use it to glorify Satan, but not our creator. Christ died for Michael Jackson as he did John Lennon. and everyone who accepts His call (in their hearts) can to be set free from these addictions and depression as well. They can be saved by the grace of God. As He saved you and me.

Comments for article: No Other Gods
Janet Buckley, Aug 29, 2009,
Thank you for writing this article. I am very much in agreement with everything that has been said.

Comments for article: No Other Gods
Janet Buckley, Aug 29, 2009,
Thank you for writing this article. I am very much in agreement with everything that has been said.

Comments for article: No Other Gods
Kim Wheeler, Aug 26, 2009, I have heard many people criticize and even laugh at Michael Jackson even in church. As a child I looked up to him he even helped me to sing better. He looked like a very good and loving person who just wanted to sing and he even talked many times of how much he looked up to Jesus. I have been very hurt by his death but I hope that the Lord answered the prayer my Mom and I prayed years ago and that was that God would save him. As an older Christian I had to pull back from the things of the world for I knew God wanted me to be a light uncorrupted. But I always cared about him and felt that churches especially should not laugh at celebrities but reach out to them and pray and fast for them. Since his death the children that accused him have said that he did not do those things. I have heard too of his loneliness and sadness. I can't help but wish sometimes I would have dropped him a note or sent him a card. As Christians we back away to the point that it seems we forget to do those loving things that could make a difference. Thanks for your article and allowing me a chance to get some of the burden off my heart.

Comments for article: No Other Gods
Brent Baum, Aug 24, 2009,
You can't "get enough of Jesus' words"...quite plainly he didn't write any, everyone else spoke for him and did a really bad job getting their stories straight. If Jesus' followers were able to read and write like proper novelists why didn't Jesus do the same?

Comments for article: All We Need
Renee Sims, Aug 23, 2009,
Great reminder!

Comments for article: No Other Gods
Sue Kirk, Aug 22, 2009,
Thank you for the article, I am a member of the Holly SDA church,as I also heard the sadness of the life of Michale Jackson, I felt a sorrow for him that he had not found some peace in his life, not had Jesus in the center of his life. Only God knows his heart. We need to pray for each other to keep the faith & keep our eyes on Jesus.

Comments for article: Blocking a Blessing
Andrea, Aug 22, 2009,
This article really hit home for me. I say I want to be married and when the opportunity to meet someone presents itself, you could say I run the other way. Furthermore, my attitude at times would say that I'm not looking and don't bother looking.

Comments for article: All We Need
Christine Blankenship, Aug 22, 2009,
Hebrew 13:5,8 - Jesus said same yesterday today and forever. smile lol

Comments for article: No Other Gods
Kura Ngere, Aug 21, 2009,
Amen to that Michael Jackson article..I thank God that he is the only wise one that can judge wisely and knows everything.

Comments for article: Someone Chose Me
Judi, Aug 17, 2009,
Such a good and real story. So many have endured this only to find acceptance by God, then by our Christian family. Thank you.

Comments for article: All About Choices
Monica Williams, Aug 15, 2009,
This article about Mike is so powerful. This is really an uplifting for me. I am presently recovering from an awful head and chest cold which was contributing to some negative thoughts towards my book that I am writing. In simple words, Mike's article says to me I am in control through the Higher Power. Thank you

Comments for article: Family Worship
Ashlynn, Aug 15, 2009,
I enjoyed this!

Comments for article: Help, My Mom Died
Jackie Miller, Aug 7, 2009,
Hi, Thanks for taking the time to share on your website. I lost my mom on March 17, 2008. Although she had been sick a long time and I am not young,53, but I was so close to her that I am still having a hard time dealing with her being gone. Unfortunately, my small family basically split over $ and I think that hurts almost as much. I could go on and on but I won't. Sometimes its just nice to know you are not alone. Yes, the pain is a little less after the first year, but it truly never leaves you.

Comments for article: Three???
Kristy Fisher, Jul 29, 2009,
I can relate so much to that! I feel like that everyday except, i have only 2 kids, and none on the way! lol..I am trying to fit everything in, in my life and my children's life, and I am struggling! I just can't do it, and i run short of patience, especially with my 4 yr old son. He is the oldest, my daughter is 18 mons. He continually defies me, and will never do anything I ask of him. I'm at a loss right now, and don't know what to do.He is not even in kindergarten yet, and he is acting like this! What am i to expect for the school years ahead! He is a very smart child, and goes to preschool everyday, but when i try to teach him anything, he starts acting up! so, we haven't spent a whole lot of time talking about Jesus, but he does know some things. I'm looking for a good church, with a good Sunday school for my children to attend.

Comments for article: Three???
Kristy Fisher, Jul 29, 2009,
I can relate so much to that! I feel like that everyday except, i have only 2 kids, and none on the way! lol..I am trying to fit everything in, in my life and my children's life, and I am struggling! I just can't do it, and i run short of patience, especially with my 4 yr old son.He is the oldest, my daughter is 18 mons. He continually defies me, and will never do anything I ask of him. I'm at a loss right now, and don't know what to do.He is not even in kindergarten yet, and he is acting like this! What am i to expect for the school years ahead! He is a very smart child, and goes to preschool everyday, but when i try to teach him anything, he starts acting up! so, we haven't spent a whole lot of time talking about Jesus, but he does know some things. I'm looking for a good church, with a good Sunday school for my children to attend.

Comments for article: Mission Possible
Eric Garloff, Jul 18, 2009,
In your Mission Impossible Grace Note I could be wrong, but I believe the name of the Dynasty your referring to is the "Ming Dynasty", not the Qing Dynasty. I'm not an historian, but I've never heard of the Qing Dynasty.

Comments for article: The New Teacher
Martha Duer, Jul 14, 2009,
...and we've never forgotten him, or his friend Jesus. Bless brother Jake and all he taught us!

Comments for article: Domestic Violence
Johnson B Amboga, Jul 11, 2009,
This article is educative and equally informative. However it should also be noted that while in most cases a wife and children may be abused, it is equally true that many husbands are as abused.

Comments for article: The Other Side
issadore, Jun 27, 2009,
my dad is stronger

Comments for article: Impossible to Repay
Albert Kemoh, Jun 26, 2009,
I like the article in this perspective. I'll forward it to some of my friends and family members. Thanks, and kind regards.

Comments for article: My Dad is Stronger
cyprian mnkandla, Jun 26, 2009,
Thank God I came across this story. Now I am ready to go and tell all my problems about my Powerful Dad. I believe the problems will be terrified.

Comments for article: "Probably" No God?
Paul Donnett, Jun 25, 2009,
I've never understood that the "Probably No God" ads were designed either to bash Christians or to advertise atheists' "worry" about the possibility of God's existence.  The ads as I understand them are aimed at the absolutism often expressed by Christians and the tendency of believers to (a) impose their beliefs on non-believers, and (b) shut down any truly meaningful attempt to discuss alternate points of view, including the possible non-existence of God.

Having stood on both sides of the belief fence at different points in my life, I've found it truly rare to meet an atheist who is as determined as a believer to convince the other side of his or her viewpoint.  It's that tendency toward dogmatic evangelism, and the subtle or overt judgment that comes with it, that the ads were addressing.

Comments for article: Life Throws a Curve
Dale Patterson, Jun 25, 2009,
I came across this article just by accident and it is truely a blessing.The Lord has been showing me in many ways that He cares about me inspite of what is going on in my life and I refuse to believe. However, when I am going through a crisis, He always lead me to an article or story that talks about the exact problem and how to deal with it. God is truely amazing and I pray that He will give me the courage to trust in completely.

Comments for article: My Dad is Stronger
Dale Patterson, Jun 25, 2009,
This is really awesome article.

Comments for article: Mark on My Heart
Esther Gavel/Levay, Jun 24, 2009,
Wow, this is a great story! Very inspiring.

Comments for article: All Things New
nathaniel aiken, Jun 20, 2009,
I was just browsing by and I saw this article an as I read it. It makes sense,never thought of it that way. I too am on my own,love the Lord Jesus although not Adventist but Seven Day Church of God, same family of God. Just want to say thanks for writing this article - gives me something to think about - I never looked at it this way.

Comments for article: The Other Side
george curcin, Jun 19, 2009,
very good

Comments for article: Turn the Other Cheek
Queen E, Jun 19, 2009,
This article was very inspirational. The part of the article that I really like was the study on vindictiveness.  This can also be bad for your health because revenge can activate a surge of stress hormones. Excessive stress can lead to serious health problems that can be prevented by just going the extra mile. Cast all your cares upon Him because He cares for you. Remember, "It's nice to be nice."

Comments for article: Okra and Mangoes
Dawn Armstrong, Jun 13, 2009,
Wow, your article on welcoming the current season of your life really touched my heart. I went to your website because I am looking to possibly visit your church, having agreed with my in-laws alot about SDA practices - of observing Sabbath, etc. - and I am really big into gardening after having lost my husband 4 years ago and experiencing the need to pour my love and attention into something. So, yes okra and mangoes made me want to look and see what you had to say. How perfectly your insights fit with the experience I feel when in the garden watching the wonders God shows me, even while begging God to help me find happiness again. The deep eternal joy is always there for me in the Lord, but a season of happiness is greatly desired too. So, perhaps the truth is that fruits abound all around all the time, but the trick is to learn to like the fruit of the season, even if it's okra! Anyway, I really enjoyed the tone and substance of your thoughts. May the Lord God bless you. Maybe I'll get to worship with your church this Sabbath, the Lord willing.

Comments for article: God's Compassion
Dorothy Barber, Jun 8, 2009,
Thank you for this wonderful reminder. My husband's son was in a very serious motorcycle accident three weeks ago and the 1st night the Lord reminded me of Psalm 139:13 and said that because He knit him in his mother's womb once He could use surgeon's hands to knit him again. The 1st night there were a dozen surgeons on hand for ten hours and then he had surgery for many hours daily for the next five days and will require additonal surgery on the worst breaks and tears in his left leg but God has been faithful thus far and yesterday he woke up and knew us all and is mending a day at a time. Thank you for reminding me again of Her tender care of him as well. God's love is so far above what we can ask or imagine!

Comments for article: My Anchor
Sister butler, Jun 6, 2009,
The article and the poem were excellent! We need to remember that our young people are on trial all day, everyday. They have to have somewhere and someone to turn to in time like these, will our anchor hold and grip the solid rock? This rock is Jesus

Comments for article: God's Compassion
Sandy Kleinke, Jun 6, 2009,
Wow!, Your Bible is so much different than mine. New King James Version my Bible says, "Is Ephraim My dear son? Is he a pleasant child? For though I spoke against him, I earnestly remember him still. Therefore My heart yearns for him, I will surely have mercy on him, says the Lord. Jeremiah 31:20 NO WOMB MENTIONED!!!

Comments for article: "There's Just No Way"
Hazel, Jun 3, 2009,
What a blessing!!! This is so encouraging. Thank you!!!

Comments for article: "There's Just No Way"
Anthony, May 30, 2009,
We often think that we can't do things. I read this article and thought sometimes I say that there is no way when I should be telling myself that I can do all things. That is something we should always be telling ourselves. Also, we should think on Phillippians 4:13, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

Comments for article: Sarah's Vase
Ashlynn Milena, May 27, 2009,
this story brought tears to my eyes. it is easy to forget that in order to honor God and ourselves, we dont have to do anything that will call pomp and circumstance. we just need to aim to help others.

Comments for article: Why Plan Meals?
Alice Shinn, May 25, 2009,
I find great recipies on the 3ABN web site and they are a free gift from God.

Comments for article: Give to Those in Need
Alice Shinn, May 25, 2009,
We have so many Divine appointments, I oftern wonder what I will say and how I will feel about the ones I missed. I pray that there is another someone appointed to the ones I was to focused on my life to see.

Comments for article: Potty Training
Erika , May 24, 2009,
Great article Marion! I hope I have some luck with my little guy!

Comments for article: Off Course
Irving Santiago, May 18, 2009,
Michael, I'm a frequent writer for GraceNotes and often I read articles that are posted there, however I have to admit that this is a very funny story with tremendous consequences. I liked to way you illustrated this and the smooth flow to the final connection between the story and our Christian experiences. I'm glad I read your article, I really enjoyed and I'll share it with my friends. I know they will say the same thing. Well done! Many blessings.

Comments for article: Aging Myths Debunked
Debbie, May 14, 2009,
Why do I have more fat around my middle than I used to? I am 50 yrs., female and have had 2 babies (now grown). When I was younger, I carried my weight on my hips and thighs, now I can't seem to get my middle trimmed, even though I am within my weight range for my height and am relatively active. I don't think it's from having babies because after both kids, I lost the weight and my waist was trim. Is it that the fat distributes differently as we age? and what can we do about it. I don't need to lose weight

Comments for article: God's Provision
Angela, May 11, 2009,
My mother has a saying "wait upon the lord". She is so right. Life would be so much simpler if we could see the future, but we can't. If we had complete faith in God life would be less stressfull. It's not easy in times of desperation though; this I know. My husband is a recovering meth addict (sober for 5 years) and we have had ups and downs with work through out our marriage. I proudly say thaGod has carried us the whole way. I just have to remember to wait upon the lord the next time there is a family crisis.

Comments for article: The Dark Night
marta, May 9, 2009,
Great testimony. My brother currently is going through the same. God is great and I truly believe God can change his heart, too.

Comments for article: Somewhere Underneath
Constance Collier, May 9, 2009,
I really loved this article. It is so true and yet I never thought of Christ Resurrectionin this way. THANK YOU, you have blessed me and my day. Whenever I see those flowers, I'll always think of this and just smile and feel great about Almighty God's love, grace, mercy, and FAVOR upon us. Thanks Again! Constance (CeCe)

Comments for article: Spanking OK?
Rick, May 6, 2009,
One or two swats on the rear end is ok. God put extra padding there for such a purpose. No where else on the body, though. Three times, it's starting to get to be too much. Four or more swats at a time is getting excessive; that's a beating. No child deserves that.

Comments for article: Spanking OK?
Carol, Apr 28, 2009,
Nothing is wrong with spanking. If all else fails, then the last resort should be a spanking. Passing laws to banish parents from disciplining thier children, is telling children they can do anything and get away with it. Plus, if such a law goes into effect, parents will be disrespected by thier kids. The older generation of people got their behinds whipped as kids and look how well they turned out. This generation is a generation that is out of control and needs more than a spanking. If laws are going to be passed prohibiting parents from spanking their kids and disciplining them, then we should consider getting more federal funds to build more prisons to accommodate these ill-mannered brats who are out of control. Forgive me for sounding harsh, but some of them need a horse-whipping.

Comments for article: Spanking OK?
LoriLyn Heredia, Apr 28, 2009,
Loved this article! My brother used to take my hand, place it in his mouth and bite. One day, I got fed up, and slipped my hand out of the way at the last second. He bit himself, started crying, but NEVER bit anyone again.

Comments for article: Today's Teens
mary, Apr 24, 2009,
I was an troublesome teen, walking barefoot in the snow and hitchiking at 11. I got drunk and took marijuana at 14. I had anorexia and bolemia. I was 105 lbs and 5'6". At 17 though without doing anything I stopped it all until 22 when I had a breakdown from an abortion. Then I started smoking after being put in the mental hospital for twenty years off and on by force. I love teenagers and think they are wonderful. Any teenager out there hear me. I tried to commit suicide by overdose, by razor twice, and threw myself in front of a moving car. Then God spoke to me and said, "You are not your own you were bought with a price." that means our body belongs to God and we can't abuse it or kill ourselves. I did not know that. It was from sexual abuse and not knowing God and satanic abuse that I was reacting to without realizing it. I smoked five packs of cigarettes a day. Then I went to church at 33 years old for the first time in my life. I went to the Vineyard. Later God told me Saturday is the real day of rest so I rest on Saturday if possible. Do not give up. Jesus is coming and he is going to take you to another planet.!

Comments for article: Testimonio en Motocicleta
Manuel Ameca, Apr 22, 2009
Hi, is a pleasure writing you. We send our blessings to you. We are Christians and members of CMA México. In a magazine HeartBeat for the month of March, you can see a picture of the family celebrating La Fiesta de Colores (Feast of Colors) in Hatfield, Arkansas. Every year we are visited by the CMA USA Chapter.

Comments for article: Today's Teens
Willie Turner, Apr 21, 2009,
It is so good to know that you can pause long enough to pen this, what i call spiritual gas stop, to be able to go on and be encouraged that God has not forgotten us, to receive tidbits on how we can encourage others and be a blessing at the same time.

Comments for article: Mustard Seed Faith
peggy, Apr 19, 2009,
I have been so blessed to have an abundance of faith. This has come not through ignorance and wishful thinking but through Our Lord God proving Himself and his promises to me amidst countless trials that have challenged me to step out in hope. God has said "Faith with out works is dead." Recently I have felt the Lord leading me in helping others to grow there faith. He has called us all to take the "Faith Challenge". The steps are simple enough for God does most of the work as usual. All we have to do is to spend time learning of who He is and what he says he will do for us. Claim the promises of Our God and then Watch and be ready. He will never fail us. This is an assurance I have come to know too well and I encourage anyone that will hear to take this faith challenge and share it with others. It will be one of the best things you can ever do for your relationship with The God who loves you so much.

Comments for article: Testimonio en Motocicleta
juan carlos prieto diaz, Apr 18, 2009
Greetings! Recently I have the opportunity to meet Mr. Manuel Olmeca, CMA México. I am very grateful for giving me a Bible. I was very much surprised since for the last three years I have receive one every month. Yet, this time was different. I would like to keep in touch and testify of my faith. God bless you!

Comments for article: Mustard Seed Faith
Angela R., Apr 16, 2009,
Thank you! I needed these words so much tonight. I came back from my pilates class so discouraged, it is hard to be very large and trying very hard to move and stretch my body attempting to get the muscles stronger and healthier, shaking my head side by side in disbelief that I will be able to conquer this I started to read todays note. I will never forget to keep on pressing on with the faith of a mustard seed to become healthier. I received sometime ago an apnea machine and the nurse told me that if I lose the weight I probably will not have any apnea episodes in my sleep. I have not been using the machine but I want the weight to leave my body so I can be really healthy. Thank you.

Comments for article: Silenciando a los Ángeles
Alma Monica, Apr 15, 2009,
Simply beautiful!!!

Comments for article: "Probably" No God?
rachel, Apr 10, 2009,
I was just reading your article about the advertisments on buses about there "probably" is no God. In the article the author states that the author of the advertisement and the doubters despise Christians. This is not true at all. Please think about revising the strong words "despise" and "hate". I don't know any non-believers or doubters who "hate".

Comments for article: "Probably" No God?
tilly mae, Apr 11, 2009,
how true

Comments for article:"Probably" No God?
Wayne Gayton, Apr 8, 2009,
an old folk song says, I know there ain't no heaven and pray there ain't no hell.

Comments for article: Forgive and Forget
Kenny D., Apr 6, 2009,
WOW! haha its amazing how God works in mysterious ways. right now infact i am actually in that situation but of course were just friends now but at one point we were dating. Unfortunatly its the oppisite way around where her parents want her to have nothing to do with me. They have respect for me as her friend but, as soon as i bring up the notion i want to date her with the intention of in the future if it's God's will that i want to date her. It's as if it were a complete insult to them. God Is great and God is good. He, i am absolutly possitive that he will give us the correct answer. The significent other atually read this article to me this morning over worship. Heh....very curious how God works. He has a huge sense of humor.

Comments for article: "Probably" No God?
Chris, Apr 4, 2009, We are in much greater danger from "the wolves in sheep's clothing" within the church than tese rudderless ships floating around in a world with no hope.

Comments for article: Forgive and Forget
Karen, Mar 30, 2009, My story is somewhat like yours but in my case my father is a Pastor and his mother is very jealous. None of them want me but we used to attend to the same church and they have always been nice to me and my family but it all changed when their son and I started dating. They don't like me or my family.  I think they think we're less than them. I feel bad and I'm trying hard to be humble but it is so hard for me to think of them as a nice family who I want to visit. My boyfriend and I are making wedding plans and we'll visit his parents in about 2 months I'm preparing myself for the 10000 questions they always have for me. Anyway, thanks for sharing your story.

Comments for article: The New Teacher
Judi Meyer, Mar 29, 2009,
Jake Duran was my Bible teacher and Principal of our school. Do you know where he is now?

Comments for article: The Dark Night
Gwennie Joseph, Mar 28, 2009,
I was moved to tears,thank God for his unconditional love, and for his saving grace.To God be the glory.

Comments for article: The Dark Night
Caro, Mar 27, 2009,
Reading this life experience has given me true understanding of God's omnipresence character, He is there to direct our footsteps and even if we pass through storms He is always there to say"peace be still"

Comments for article: Forget What's Behind
Keith Crews, Feb 28, 2009,
It is spirtually refreshing to know that we serve a God that gives us opportunity to become spirtually renewed.

Comments for article: The Secret to Success
Bruce Mehue, Feb 27, 2009
I really appreciate all your advice.

Comments for article: Why Plan Meals?
Lisa Reynoso, Feb 20, 2009,
Suppers around our house are very informal--everyone eats what they want. But for months I have been making a menu for breakfasts and lunches. Then I make the shopping list based on the menu. It sure saves time and money! It helps me know if I need to soak beans today to cook tonight so that my husband can take them to work tomorrow. He doesn't have to eat sandwiches every day that way!

Comments for article: No Valentine?
Jeffrey Crisp, Feb 19, 2009,
Valentines is a special time for couples. It is true that many single people don't feel comfortable around all of the mushy lovers, when they aren't able to be with their loved one for whatever reason. Thanks for the good ideas and examples of ways singles can deal with the loneliness of the holidays. Doing things for others is the best way to get over the blues. Couples should do things to show their love for each other, but they should also be considerate of others.

Comments for article: What Do You Say?
KMcRae1, Feb 19, 2009,
This is a deep one. I like it because there is no conclusion only a question that begs an even deeper question. Why do we always have to wait until we are broken to see that we desparately need God's help? Why can't we through all of our stuff realize that we are nothing unless we are burrowed in Him? Great devotional...I hope this author writes more.

Comments for article: Debt-Free?
Deborah Funderburk, Feb 19, 2009,
How does a disabled widow find inexpensive housing that's decent especially when the lowest rent I can find is in rough neighborhoods and by the time I pay the rent, utilities, and car payment and car insurance, I'm either broke for the month or in overdraft. I have the least expensive and most economical car I can find and the cheapest neigborhood. But I've been robbed repeatedly, my back door smashed in, found nails in my tires, the plumbing and sewage are a constant problem and the management does little or nothing, plus I've had no heat most of this winter. There's no public transportation. Keep me in your prayers. I wish getting out of debt was as simple as your article, but it isn't for some of us.

Comments for article: Regarding Vitamin D
Mrs. Anitra Johnson, Feb 15, 2009,
Thank you for this article on regarding Vitamin D. I am 61 years of age and very concerned about my immune system. By the grace of God, I am able to avoid slipping into getting a serious virus/cold by consistently eating certain foods. When my stomach feels quizzy, I eat a tangerine during those virus infested months from September to March. At the time I eat the tangerine, I do not eat any other food. The majority of the time it is eaten between meals. Continue to be blessed by the 'Power of the Lord'.

Comments for article: Running From God
Abraham, Feb 11, 2009,
Lets try not to run from God.

Comments for article: The Gardener
SB, Feb 6, 2009,
How we address what we are called to do will come under scrutiny one day, would you not agree? Being faithful each day, whether being a keeper at home or being faithful at work, is important. Even though the landownever is on a long journey, He also promises to be with us always and through everything.

Comments for article: Running From God
Glenn Whitt, Feb 3, 2009,
As I read this message, I find that I too have been guilty of this. God called me to do a special work and I ran from it believing it was not for me. After doing everything that I thought God wanted me to do, God backed me into a corner until I realized my mistake. I finally said, "Ok Lord. I give up. I will do what you said." Now I have a new problem...how do I accomplish the task? Everytime I look at it, there is an obstacle. I pray for God's wisdom through all this.

Comments for article: ¿Qué Espera, Usted?
aldemar, Jan 30, 2009
It’s important to know (what God expects of us) because most of the time we fear failing and it’s even more when things don’t turn out the way we’d like. We fear God doing a quick miracle, which is humanly hard to accept because we have a limited concept of time. I would like to know more about how we can receive today the blessings and answers to our prayers.

Comments for article: Mudanza 101
areta, Jan 29, 2009,
I’m so happy that I found such encouraging words! I’m moving away about 700 hundred miles from my family, friends to a little town that I don’t know, so I’ve had a moving stress attack! Ha, ha! Great ideas and thoughts. Thank you.

Comments for article: Winter's SADness
Lucy Brazoban, Jan 26, 2009,
I would like to share that I was truly blessed by this article. God continues to impress me! How so you say? He just used YOU to answer MY prayer. Thanks for allowing yourself and/or ministry be a vessel of Christ.

Comments for article: Se Necesita Voluntarios
Lorena Castro, Jan 25, 2009,
My sister Liliana and I are students  and doing the last semester of  Dental School in San Juan Potosi, Mexico, and we'd love to work as volunteers in your ministry. We'd like to know what are the requirements and if we have to pay anything, please send us information. Thanks, God bless you.

Comments for article: Beside Still Waters
Julianne White, Jan 18, 2009,
Hi, I am a busy single parent. Your article has prompted me to rethink our morning routine wherein I wake up my children who are expected to immediately expected to complete a succession of tasks at a fast pace, while I do the same. I will wake them 15 minutes earlier (for starters; old habits die hard!)and ease into our day with some quality contact. Thank you for sharing your story.

Comments for article: Belly Fat
Vera, Jan 17, 2009,
Indeed we're digging our own graves using spoons and forks. May God help us and take us to Eden again.

Comments for article: Testimonio en Motocicleta
Jesus Dominguez, Jan 13, 2009,
Dear brother, I invite you to join the Adventist Motorcycle Ministry. For more information, please visit our web page: www.adventistmotorcycleministry.com. I’ll be waiting for your answer. God bless you.

Comments for article: God's Jewels
Sonny Jones, Jan 13, 2009,
Perhaps the best part of the story was the woman's realization that jewelry does not make one worth more in God's eyesight. God's grace provides all the value and affirmation we need, as opposed to the accolades of men because of external attachments.

Comments for article: Cold, Cold Heart
Steve, Jan 7, 2009,
An interesting article, and makes a good point. However, the article doesn't really tell us what is cause, and what is effect.

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