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No Princess Zone
Photo: V. Van Rensburg
So I have one...  okay, so I have this little fear. A phobia of princesses. Little girls who insist on putting on one of their 47 princess outfits each day and fall on the floor in a pile of tears if they are told no. Little girls who argue with their mothers about whether an outfit matches or not. Girls who prance and pose and turn their brothers into frogs. I'm flat out terrified of them.

Mostly because I wasn't much of one myself.

I'm not saying I didn't like pretty dresses and getting my hair done up for church. In fact, one Christmas my grandmother made me a beautiful blue floor-length dress. I remember every detail of its Laura Ashley-like qualities. And I remember coming downstairs dressed in it for the first time and my dad saying, "You look very pretty in blue." (One of those complements that stays with you forever.)

But I don't think I would ever have qualified as a “princess.” So I had some conflicting thoughts when a box arrived from my Mom last week. Inside was a dress for my baby girl that Mom had created out of a black and white striped t-shirt dress.

But she’d added a black and white tutu. A TUTU!! A foofy, frilly, tutu. Like for a princess or a ballerina.

I sighed.

And then I raced upstairs to put it on Kira to see HOW CUTE she would look!

Girl-iness in Bible?

You won’t find a lot of girl-iness in the Bible. For generations, women have had to read themselves into the Bible. Substituting “men and women” in our minds as Scriptures are read. Imagining how the wives and sisters of the male characters in the Bible might have responded to various situations. And that’s okay. I know the Bible was written in a very different cultural time than our third millennial church, but that’s why Jesus’ choice to call the church his bride (2 Corinthians 11:2) is so fun for me.

For many women, there is no girl-ier day in life than a wedding day. The hours spent before in preparing and choosing and matching and styling and decorating are unfathomable. And so I love the imagery that is conjured up for many women—imagery that can only be truly understood by women—when Jesus speaks of us as his beloved bride. What a gift.

It’s a reminder in the midst of a very male-centric Bible that Jesus loves me in the way that every little girl, princess or not, dreams of being loved and cherished on her wedding day.

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