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A Special Time
Photo: Donice Palmer
Vacations are journeys that bring us to new places, sights, and insights. Our recent family vacation had many points of interest and stunning beauty, but I have chosen one special memory and time to share with you.

After spending three days with my family in the Rocky Mountains, we were lamenting the fact that it was time for us to leave and continue west. We had fallen in love with the mountains and the breathtaking views, so we made one more stop before heading back to the motel. 

We saw a large herd of elk grazing in the field, pulled off the road, and hiked over closer to the herd. Occasionally, an elk would stop grazing momentarily to glance at us, but overall they seemed oblivious to us. 

For a while, we just stood and observed the elk while soaking in the scenic setting. Then my son, Caleb, and I climbed a knoll and found yet another field of elk with more snowcapped mountains in the distance. It was amusing to watch the elk wade through the cold mountain stream, then step out and playfully run with each other. I was captivated by the peacefulness and striking beauty as I took pictures and walked in the midst of God’s creatures.

Oneness with Nature

We kept a respectful distance and moved slowly and quietly while walking with the elk, but still, I felt a profound oneness with nature. We weren’t afraid of them, and they weren’t afraid of us.

Later, I told Caleb I thought that hour among the elk was like a small sample of heaven. There was nothing but peacefulness and exquisite beauty. With the honesty of a child, Caleb replied, “I didn’t know that it was a special time.” 

His response made me wonder how I miss everyday special times. Did I see that recent spectacular sunset? Did I watch to see the springtime flowers burst into radiant blooms?

I don’t want to wait for next year’s vacation to take time to appreciate God’s wonders. I don’t want to get lost in busyness and miss the special times.

How about you?

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