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Who Are You?
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There comes a time in our lives when we need to define who we are—when we need to figure out what defines us. But, wait. Who is doing the defining?

The Bible tells us in Job 9 that God can move mountains, but anyone who has ever surrendered their life to Christ can tell you that sometimes He will move the mountains to you instead of from you. Sometimes he will place mountains in our path, not because He wants us to fail or give up, but because He knows that climbing mountains builds strength.

When faced with a mountain, people will react differently. Some will tackle the mountain with all they’re worth, some will strategize the best way to get around it, some will give up before even trying, and others, after a failed attempt or two, will look at the mountain and say “Hmm, I could get used to this.”

Choose to Keep It

Who are you? What defines you? To the person who has given up after a try or two, and has chosen to adapt, the mountain is who they are. This person has become so used to the mountain that they find they are not themselves without it. So they will not climb it, go around it, or attempt to get rid of it at all. The mountain, complaining about the mountain, and wishing the mountain were gone, have become such big parts of their lives that even when it becomes easy to get rid of the mountain, they choose to keep it.

God did not place mountains in our path so that they overcome and become us, He meant for us to overcome them. He wanted us to look at the mountain and ask Him for help, to surrender everything that held us back and weighed us down, and with His strength overcome our problems.

Are there problems in your life that you’re holding on to? At first look, it’s easy to make excuses and say that we can’t get rid of the problem. But can God? Yes! Face your problem, pray about your problem, and then let it go.  We are to have our lives center around one thing, and it’s not a mountain. We are to be defined by the awesome and all- encompassing love of Christ. The love that can move mountains.

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