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Amazing Grace
Photo: Terrance Emerson
It all happened many years ago in the small town of Granger, Washington. And I’ll never forget it. There was a weekly event that took place during the summer months. A group of boys, myself included, would round up a wild pony from the surrounding foothills. We’d bring it into a corral on the edge of town, and see if anyone could ride it without getting bucked off.

One Sunday we brought an especially wild horse into a confined chute. We needed a bucking saddle, so I mentioned that my neighbor had just purchased a new saddle and maybe I could borrow it. I soon started off towards Joe’s house a couple of blocks away. Joe greeted me with a nod, and reappeared at the door with his beautiful new saddle, placing it at my feet.

I slung the saddle over my shoulder and proudly walked back to where the boys were waiting. We proceeded to strap it on the reluctant pony’s back. It was then that things went terribly wrong.

The animal started to thrash around in the chute as we scattered in all directions. The pony finally ended up on its side, wedged tightly in the wooden poles. Someone removed the saddle and sheepishly dropped it at my feet. I’ll always remember the site of it. The once beautiful saddle was nothing but a pile of leather scraps, torn and damaged beyond repair.

I dropped to my knees before Joe’s pride and joy, knowing that I would have to knock on his door again. I reluctantly dragged the saddle behind me and soon stood before the dreaded door. When he appeared there was a long silence. Neither of us spoke. Joe’s expression didn’t change as he surveyed the scene. Finally I blurted out, “I’m sorry, Joe….” He reached down, grabbed his “saddle” and pulled it into the house. Just before he closed the door he spoke in his usual calm and gentle voice, “That’s okay, Dave. It’s all right.” I couldn’t believe what had just happened!

My Life, a Broken Saddle

It was years later, when I began to re-examine the claims of Christ, that this event came back to mind. When I accepted Jesus, my life looked like that broken saddle. All I could offer Him was, “I’m sorry.” And something incredible happened! He said, “That’s okay. I can repair everything broken.”

How many times have I laid my messed up life at the feet of Jesus and His response has always been the same? He will never say, “That’s enough. Don’t drop any more junk at My feet. You’ve had too many chances.”

The fact is, you can always knock on Jesus’ door and He will always appear. Don’t be afraid to knock. He loves to open the door regardless of the mess you lay before Him. That’s what Calvary was all about.

"But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: while we were still sinners, Christ died for us" (Romans 5:8).

Is His grace amazing? You decide.

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