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Saving Socks
Photo: Robert Byron
Socks was about the sweetest dog anyone could ever want. She was a family dog, part border collie and part just plain precious.

We rescued Socks accidentally from death row. We had been wanting a dog and had gone to the vet clinic to take a look at a puppy being given away there. While we were looking over the little puppy, our eyes were caught by a young, black dog quietly coming around the corner toward us. Our son whistled at her and immediately her face lifted, her eyes smiled and she came running to us as though she had been born in our own backyard. We fell in love with her and suspected that our chance meeting had not been by chance at all.

When we asked the vet assistant who the dog belonged to, she said it was a stray and that it would be put to sleep soon. We wasted no time deciding to bring her home with us, and she willingly came along. In fact, Socks seemed more than willing. She seemed truly grateful. And she remained that way until the day she died, just a few months ago.

Gratitude Not Forgotten

Throughout her life, whether a young playful companion or a mature and faithful friend, Socks never lost sight of her gratitude for being saved. She had been lost, but then found. She had been rejected, but then loved.  And her sweet gratitude blessed our family more than a dog can ever comprehend, I'm sure.

When I think of Socks, as I'm tearfully thinking of her now, I start to wonder. I wonder how many of us are half as grateful to be saved as Socks was. We've been saved from eternal death and have been given an offer of eternal life. We have, by the sacrifice of Jesus, been rescued from the hand of our executioner and adopted into the family of God. Like Socks, each of us stands in line on death row. But Jesus has seen our need and has called us to his side. Are we running to him with the same unquestioned trust that Socks ran to our family?

Being saved is a precious gift. Socks embraced that gift and never forgot it. Hopefully, we won't forget either.

"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life" (John 3:16).

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