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God's To Do List
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One of the things I find more and more frustrating is being able to “keep up.” I'm confident that I'm not alone either. All it takes is a look out the window or down the hall at work or sometimes even across the aisle at church to see the familiar expressions of stress.

At the other end of the spectrum are those who may not feel that they have enough to do. In both cases, there can develop a feeling of not being productive. Either we don't get the planned checklist checked off or we don't have a checklist in the first place. This feeling can leave us empty at the end of the day.

Recently, the Lord showed me the solution to this tail-chasing routine through my sister's advice. I was stressing over not being productive enough, whining about how I used to get more done than I do now. She, who is very busy and productive herself, shared with me that she routinely gives the Lord her day and tells him that whatever he has planned for her is what she will do, no matter how many other things she has planned.

Putting God in Charge

I thought about that. I mean, giving the Lord my day was not a totally new concept. I would like to think that I've always included his plans in mine. But this was different. This was actually putting him in charge of the whole thing. In other words, if the phone rings fifteen times in one day while I'm trying to work through my “to do” list for that day, then I accept that as part of the plan for my day. If someone stops by to visit, that is part of my day. If someone needs for me to help them, that's part of it too. Even if it wasn't on my list.

This has been so liberating and such a blessing! For one thing, I am more in tune now with the reality that God really does use me in ways that I didn't have anything to do with as far as planning goes. For another thing, I feel content at the end of the day that I did put in good time and that if I'm not caught up on my own list of things that need to be done, I am caught up on what the Lord had for me to do on that day.

So, what's on the agenda today? Are you feeling pressed to get some deadline met? Or maybe you are without an agenda at all. Either way, commit your day to the Lord and when you go to bed, you will be able to know it was a perfect day.

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