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Look Up, Lifted Up
Photo: Inna Paladii
Ally is eighteen months old and is loving life. Surrounded by people who are always ready to read her a new book or share a new experience with her, she is almost constantly embracing fresh experiences.

One new adventure that Ally experienced during an extended family gathering was being introduced to family dogs, Henry and Lucy. While she was very intrigued with the furry friends and quickly identified them with repeated chants of “doggie,” she was still a little nervous when they ran behind her. On those occasions, she would run to a parent, hold up her arms and say, “Up!”  Naturally, she would immediately be picked up. Looking down at the dogs from the arms of her protector, Ally would smile securely.

Secure and Familiar Arms

Up. It's a simple word, but it packs a lot of power for a toddler. When you think of it, that word packs a lot of power for all of us. No matter what giants we face, we can always hold up our arms to our heavenly Father and say, “Up!” We can know that we will then be lifted to the secure and familiar arms of the One who has already proven to be there for us so many times before.

Ally knew where to go for help, and she had no doubt what would follow her lifted arms and one-syllable request. Her parents knew exactly what she meant, and she had learned from experience that they can always be depended on, no matter what. Whether it's a scraped knee or a game with the doggies, they would be there.

We can have the same assurance. Luke 21:28 speaks about looking up as we watch the signs of the end of this world unfolding. “Now when these things begin to happen, look up and lift up your heads, because your redemption draws near.” As we look up, we will be lifted up. Up, up into the secure and everlasting arms of Jesus.

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