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Uncommon Compassion
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Can you imagine what it would be like to discover that you’re finally pregnant but the baby you’re carrying is not your child? That’s what happened recently to 40-year-old Carolyn Savage. According to a story in the Omaha World Herald, Carolyn received a frozen embryo belonging to another couple after a mix up at the fertility clinic.

Yet the headlines have been more about what Carolyn is NOT doing than what she is doing. She’s not fighting to keep the baby, not having an abortion, not filing a huge lawsuit against the clinic or the doctor. Legally, she and her husband Sean could be doing any of those things. Instead they have chosen the path of uncommon compassion and courage.

When the baby is born via cesarean section the biological parents will be there, waiting to meet their son and take him home (they’re expecting a little boy).

How Do You Thank Someone?

“How do you thank someone for what they’ve done?” the biological mother asked. “I could say thank you a million different ways.” She and her husband plan to keep in touch with the Savages and send them updates as the baby grows. Carolyn said she will always think about the baby and his family. “We’ll always have a bond,” she said.

Sean and Carolyn Savage are the kind of everyday heroes of which this world needs more. Life gave them lemons, but they chose to make lemonade. They accepted their circumstances without bitterness, even when it was someone else’s careless mistake that dramatically impacted their lives.

The Savages took what could have been a very ugly situation and turned it around. They chose to do the right thing, as difficult as it was. And their compassion and courage will result in a clear conscience for themselves and untold happiness for the baby’s biological family.

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