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The New Sunroom
Photo: Lonnie Bradley
Last month I started work on a new sunroom addition in Poquoson, Virginia. Normally sunrooms can be built fairly quickly but this one was different. The property on which the addition was being built has water, better known as the Chesapeake Bay, on three sides of it. When hurricanes come through the region the whole property is underwater and heavy winds flow freely past the property. The street name, Breezy Point, was named after these heavy winds. Building this sunroom was going to require some planning and a strong structure.

We began by digging down into the ground two feet. We then put rebar (metal bars) in the ground and attached it to the existing house. After that, concrete was poured to form a stable base. This is a normal procedure when building an addition. But this addition required more rebar and rebar that was thicker than normal.

After the concrete settled and dried a steel company came out to do some work. They installed four steel columns at each of the corners and steel beams across the top to connect them to each other. The whole structure was then secured to the house and bolted to the concrete.

After the brick masons completed their job we built the wooden structure around the steel. The wood was screwed to the steel every 36 inches. The rafters for the roof were nailed to the walls then secured with steel straps.

It is pretty safe to say that this sunroom is hurricane proof. It is built sturdier than the house it is attached to. Building a strong structure like this takes time and extra planning. When a mistake is made, work has to be stalled to fix the mistake.

Building a Spiritual Life

Building a strong spiritual life takes time and needs to be well planned also. When a person strays away, the relationship with Christ is stalled until the person asks for forgiveness.

Jesus tells us to build our house on solid ground, which is His Word. The person that puts this into practice “is like a man building a house, who dug down deep and laid the foundation on rock” (Luke 6:48). When storms come, the house stands still.

The person who does not put God’s word into practice “is like a man who built a house on the ground without a foundation” (Luke 6:49). When storms come the house falls.

When our spiritual life is built on God’s Word we can withstand all the storms that come against us.

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