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A Handful of Weeds
Photo: Hemera
This morning as I headed out with my girls to walk down the mountain to school, the fog was thick and the air was crisp. I look forward to these early morning treks in the quiet before the world around me has fully roused to meet the day.

After kissing my girls and hugging them tightly, I headed back up the mountain. I like to spend the time I have alone in prayer for my husband and children. This morning, as I was rounding one of the many hairpin curves, I looked down the side of the hill and saw a patch of tiny, white, daisy like flowers. And I stopped. I am sure they are considered weeds, but a weed is only a weed to the one who can find no beauty in it. To me they were sweet and very pretty. I bent down and began to pick stems until I had a nice handful to bring home.

I like to walk as quickly as possible in the mornings for my daily exercise. But this morning, I found myself strolling along thinking about the gift God had given that I now held in my hands. And then I got to thinking about weeds and what weeds represent.

This little plant clutched in my fingers had no earthly worth, and yet God had created it for a reason. Much of life is the same way. There are "weeds" that we hurry past on a daily basis every day. What would happen if we stopped to take in the beauty of that which God has provided?


As a busy wife, mother, homemaker, and work-at-home mom, I am in a hurry much of the time. Each day there is a list of all those things that must be accomplished. Tasks like cleaning the kitchen, picking up after children, and washing the laundry never fail to present themselves to me and yet I often find myself hurrying through each task wishing there was a way to magically make the work disappear with the snap of my fingers.

It is not that I do not enjoy these tasks in and of themselves, but there are so many of them that they all look like weeds in my path rather than stepping stones to a sweeter life.

I do enjoy doing the laundry, but not when I am so pressed for time that I have to hurry through the process. I do like cooking and working in my kitchen, but not when I am in such a hurry that I make a bigger mess for lack of time to clean as I go. I do enjoy my children, but not if I don't have time to sit down and snuggle with them.

Perhaps some of the less important activities in our lives should be cut out or perhaps we should rethink our schedules so that we are not always in such a hurry. How much do you try to fit into your days? Are you struggling to keep up?

God has given us women a set plan for who He wants us to be. We are all different and He has given each of us unique talents and desires. But whatever His plan for us, we should be enjoying the journey, living a life filled with joy.

We should be walking along the path God has set for us slow enough that we can see the beauty in all that He has provided. God gave us work to bring us satisfaction. Do not miss an opportunity to find joy simply because you don't have the time.

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