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Barefoot and Stubborn
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I’ve had to learn the hard way, that it’s to not wise to walk barefoot on a wooden boardwalk.

As my feet skidded along carelessly after about the second mile of our venture to get pizza for our hungry family, I felt a sudden sharp pain shoot up my right foot. I lifted said foot to figure out what had happened, and saw about four inches of a thick piece of wood sticking out from under my skin. It was too big to be considered a splinter. Being the stubborn person I am, I didn’t let my step-dad or cousin help me, but pulled the piece of wood out myself—incorrectly I might add—and hobbled painfully the two miles back to where the rest of my family was. My stubbornness continued when I didn’t want to see a doctor, the pain was gone and we really didn’t have the money. I was fine taking care of it on my own.

I fought with the wound on my foot for weeks, the cut wouldn’t close correctly and it hurt to walk. Then I found out that it wasn’t closing because there were still pieces of wood stuck underneath the skin. Still too stubborn to see a doctor, I painfully opened the skin myself and removed four larger-than-splinter pieces out of my foot. When I began to see signs of infection, I finally realized I needed to see a doctor. It was only then that my foot began to really heal.

My Spiritual Life

Two years later I made the same mistake, only this time with my spiritual life. I was walking barefoot where I shouldn’t have been, and got hurt. Worst of all, I refused to go to God, thinking stubbornly that I could take care of it myself. Of course, I couldn’t, and I fought with the splinters under my skin for over a year.

Just because enough time has passed and our wounds have closed doesn’t mean that all the pieces have been removed. If it still hurts, if we haven’t forgiven and moved on, we are not healed yet. Sure, it’s easier to ignore our problems once they are finally gone, and yes, it will be painful to open up old wounds, but we will never walk painlessly until we let God open us up completely and take out everything that doesn’t look like Him. We will feel those splinters every time we try to continue walking on God’s path, and the pain will make us sit down and give up. If we are too stubborn to hand our wounds over to God, we may never walk again.

Jesus Christ is the ultimate doctor. In His loving hands, our wounds are guaranteed to heal. It will be uncomfortable to open up things we’d rather ignore, but no amount of pain should come between us and a healthy spiritual walk. If it hurts to walk, maybe it’s time to see the Doctor. He is always in. 

"...I am the Lord, who heals you" (Exodus 15:26).

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