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Are You "There" Yet?
"When I came to the spring today, I said, 'O Lord, God of my master Abraham, if you will, please grant success to the journey on which I have come' " (Genesis 24:42).

Last month, I was driving from Orlando to Sarasota’s beaches with a friend of mine. Not knowing exactly where we were going we simply typed the address of our destination into a GPS (Navigation) System and off we went. Every now and then I, as a copilot, would look at the GPS device to see if we were still in the right path and to see how many more miles we had left.

My friend would tell me that we should not worry for right now. He said: “when we see water then we should be very close”. It was a nice way to put it. Obviously, we were not there yet but we knew where we were going and better yet, we had an idea of what it was suppose to look like.

Every Christian in this world is on a journey. You have a place to go; you have a vision to fulfill. You are headed somewhere. You can not be with God and not have a vision; God is a vision giver. What ever you were before God came to your life is in the past. If you are with God now you have a vision, why, because when you let the Word enter your heart that gives you light, you can see clearly. You know who you are and whose you are, you can see the invisible and if you can see the invisible you can do the impossible.

Going Before You

He will put down in your thoughts, down in your heart a place called there. My there is different than your there but what we have in common is that our there is what moves us, drives us, keeps us moving upward and forward. God will dangle a there in front you to let you know that you are not there yet but you are going in the right direction, the right path. Also by doing so He is going before you.

Sometimes God will give you a brief description on how your there looks like but you can’t even describe where your there is. You just know you are not there yet because the place where you are at right now does not look like your there. Your divine GPS is telling you that you still need to go seven more miles on this path to get to your there.

Have you noticed that most of the men that Jesus healed, wanted to stay with Him but He would always send them back home? Do you realize that the hardest place a man can go is back home? This means that once you have received the miracle, the grace of God, God’s forgiveness, you can’t stay there, you have to move on. There is a new there to go to, a new place, a higher, better looking, and much nicer place. The greatest miracle a man can have is to be at peace at home.
You have an eternal destiny, you have a purpose, you have a vision, you have a there to go to. You might not be there yet but by the grace of God I can tell you that you are almost there. God has equipped you for this journey.

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