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Happy Harvest
With the arrival of autumn and all of its glory, comes the intrusion of Halloween and all that is gory! Personally, I grow less tolerant of Halloween every year. But intolerance is a negative emotion, so I've taken a more positive approach to passing through this dark holiday by concentrating on the light of God's natural creation during this season. Halloween has taken valuable parts of Creation and transformed them into symbols of darkness. By embracing the truth of these symbols in their natural form, we can bust the myths and dilute the effects of Halloween.

Pumpkins. For Halloween, pumpkins are used for jack-o-lanterns, and have a spiritually dark meaning. But the Creator God made pumpkins pure and bright, speckling large fields and small gardens with cheerful, orange spheres. Pumpkins are used for baking pies and bars, which makes a wonderful activity for families to do together during harvest time. Pumpkin and even pumpkin seeds are loaded with nutrition such as vitamin A, anti-oxidants, and fiber. Children can be creative by painting designs on pumpkins and some people carve very detailed and beautiful designs such as maple leaves.

Bats. Bats are associated with vampires on Halloween, but in God's creation, bats are really very useful and have little interest in attacking anyone. In fact, they are very handy to have around. A small brown bat can eat 600 mosquitoes in one hour. Bats hunt at night for bugs and are amazing acrobats of the air. And don't be afraid of the vampire bat. An anticoagulant from vampire bat saliva may soon be used to treat human heart patients. Bats really don't naturally want to land on humans. Unless, of course, you happen to have bugs in your hair!

Spiders. OK, I really don't care for spiders. But I must say that last evening my husband Mark and I stood in awe on our deck as we watched the rain fall on an orb spider web. As our porch light fell softly on the web, we could see the amazing pattern of the web, which was covered with droplets of water. As the gentle breeze blew the web, it glistened like a diamond-studded masterpiece. While spiders can be dangerous, they are not evil, and they do provide evidence of the wonder of creation.

Grave stones. There's no way around the fact that grave stones symbolize death. But they also remind us of resurrection! A cemetery is obviously a sad place to be, but think what a glorious place a cemetery will be when Jesus comes! Could there be a better site to be standing on when the clouds open up and the voice of the Lord says, “Awake, those who sleep in the grave!” Millions of dead bodies will rise to life, beaming with immortality and pulsing with fresh blood that will be forever nourished by the Tree of Life that awaits them in the air! What a grand and glorious and living place to be on the day!

Let's celebrate the season by looking to the marvelous creation of our God. Let's walk boldly in the full moon of late October nights and the azure blue of October days. And as we see the signs of harvest around us, let's be reminded of the Harvest that is soon to be taken in by the Lord when he returns.

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