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Autumn Joy!
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I'm not sure when Autumn officially begins according to the calendar, but here in Iowa, it has arrived and it is splendid. This year, I have determined not to detract anything from Autumn by the fact that it is followed by winter. I am determined to embrace it and soak up every bit of this beautiful season while it is still here. How about you? Here are some suggestions of how to be invigorated by the joy of Autumn through your five senses.

Invigorate Your Senses
  • Rake some leaves into a pile whether you need to or not. The earthy smells of grass, soil, leaves, and air will swirl about you and refresh your lungs and brain. Then sit right there in the pile of leaves and listen to the crackling sounds of the crisp vegetation. Praise God for the beautiful greens those leaves provided during the summer months and for the vibrant colors they provide now. Look at the leaves up close, too, and ponder on how each one has been given by the Creator's hand as different from the others. Remember that you, too, have been created unique and beautiful and with purpose.

  • Lie on your back and gaze up at the sky. There is no bluer blue than the October sky. If there are clouds, imagine them as pictures, just like when you were a kid. It's still a fun game! And you have so many more images in your brain now to choose from than when you were a child.

  • Listen. Just sit or lie outside, close your eyes, and listen. What sounds do you hear that are unique to the season? It will vary in different parts of the country, so listen to what sounds of nature are in your neck of the woods or on your block of the city. Have you ever actually “heard” leaves fall? It's a wonderful sound, but you have to listen to hear it. Stand right under a tree on a breezy day and you'll be sure to hear them.

  • Taste the season! Eat freely of those wonderful foods that are being harvested now. And you can also begin making homemade soups from foods that were harvested from the garden or local farmer's market. Remember all those tomatoes you canned or froze? Ahhh....now they can become chili and vegetable soup! And don't forget the squash! How long has it been since you made a pumpkin pie from scratch? Get on the Internet and find a recipe for making pumpkin pie from the actual pumpkin. It's wonderful! Save the pumpkin seeds for roasting in the oven. They are full of nutrients!
Praise God for the beauty of the season and for the reminder of Salvation that comes in the harvest. As you watch fields and gardens being harvested, remember that Jesus is returning soon to harvest the fruit of humanity! Even as you watch some of the harvest die in the garden, be reminded that the harvest that Jesus gathers will not die, but will live and grow forever!

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