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He Saved Me
Photo: Daron Cooke
Year before last, Christmas Eve, I received an early present. It was the greatest present that could be given, the gift of life. At the same time my wife witnessed something that not too many people see in their lifetime. She witnessed a miracle.

We were on our way to my wife’s friend’s house in Norfolk, Virginia that evening when the miracle happened. We were making a left turn onto Chesapeake Blvd. from a side street when a speeding car jumped out from behind another car and slammed into the driver’s side door at 65 miles per hour. Fortunately, I don’t remember anything from the accident because my head busted out the side window and I didn’t fully realize what was going on until I was in the hospital.

But, my wife recalls every second of the impact. The emergency vehicles arrived shortly after it happened. At this point, my wife was hysterical because she could not wake me up. The fire department had to use the Jaws of Life to cut me out of the car. Once I was out they quickly strapped me to a backboard and rushed me to the hospital.

Thankful to be alive!

God saw every second of the accident as well and He sent His angels down to protect both of us from serious harm. I went to the hospital with internal bleeding but God healed me so I would not need surgery. I spent two days in the hospital and the only thing the doctors did, was give me pain medicine. God took care of everything. And the only thing that happened to my wife was some bad memories and some bruises.

After we left the hospital we went to get our things out of the car. I know there were angels there protecting me because if there weren’t, I would be dead. The car hit me square on my door which was pushed in about two feet. I got out of this accident with no cuts or broken bones. And now three weeks later I am almost as good as I was before. This is the exclamation point after God is real!

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