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It all started in the cereal aisle. There was a terrific sale on cereal, ten different types being sold for 50% off. With the price of cereal being what it is these days, I could not pass up on that deal. It wasn’t until I got home that I realized I did not just pick up my favorite cereal and go, I scrutinized the ingredients and nutritional values. In the end I decided on a low salt, low sugar, high fiber cereal. Gone were my days of sugar and cinnamon coated flakes and puffs. I sought out the nutrients I needed to help carry me throughout the day; I am not as young as I used to be!

Then, I began to notice that my regular skin care creams now contained the words “Age-Defying” and “Positively Ageless”. Where does the time go? We attempt to move heaven and earth trying to slow down the inevitable, and then we have the nerve to wonder why many people don’t grow old gracefully. Who is allowed to?

By the age of 25 models are told they are “washed up”, and reports of people over age 45 experiencing ageism while trying to gain employment is not uncommon. Panic about growing older is so frequent, there are two situations which may occur during life which we are now advised of—the quarter life crisis in the mid 20’s and the midlife crisis in the mid 50’s. Who would want to go through anything that is synonymous with a crisis?

According to our society, we are all supposed to be young and stay young forever at any cost. How preposterous! There is so much more to growing older than trying to rub wrinkles away, or getting a new sports car with a young girlfriend attached.

Growing Old Gracefully

The Bible clearly states that those growing in age most likely are also growing in wisdom and understanding. Why would we want to avoid that? Our experiences provide us with insight, the more experiences we have, the more insight we gain. This is why the emotional maturity of a teenager is different than that of his grandparents.

There is nothing that we can do to stop aging, but when we put our path into the hands of God, we are blessed with more than just gray hair and laugh lines. With age comes beauty and wisdom. People who are mature and wise live their lives to the fullest, and feel no need to pretend or wish to be someone they are not. They are confident in their knowledge yet are always open to learning. They take care of both their bodies and minds, while holding on to the dear friends, memories and blessings that God has provided for them over the years.

People who possess both understanding and maturity are young in energy and spirit, but wise in action and thought. Growing old gracefully is not something we should consider an uncertainty, it is something we should strive for. 

"Is not wisdom found among the aged? Does not long life bring understanding?" (Job 12:12).

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