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Do not be Afraid
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Following a miraculous deliverance, God freed the Israelite nation from Egyptian captivity. The time was the mid-fifteenth century B.C. The Israelites had been slaves in Egypt for over four hundred years. Now, with Moses as their leader, they were finally leaving that place behind. During their years of slavery, they had grown in number from around one hundred to several million. Now they were on their way to a homeland of their own.

Meanwhile, Amenhotep II, who was Pharaoh of Egypt at that time, was having second thoughts about releasing the Israelites. He was thinking about losing all that cheap labor for his many building projects. He decided to go after them and bring them back. He called his army together, they climbed into their war chariots, and set out in hot pursuit.

When the Israelites saw them coming, they were terrified. Escape seemed impossible. They were walled in by mountains on both sides. Ahead of them lay the Red Sea. In desperation, they cried out to Moses, their leader, for help. Moses said, "Do not be afraid. Stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord, which He will accomplish for you today" (Exodus 14:13).

What God told Moses to do next sounded mind-boggling. God told them to go forward--into the sea. God said, "Speak to the Israelites. Tell them to get moving...The Israelites will walk through the sea on dry ground" (Exodus 14:15, 16). That's exactly what happened. "...The sea waters split. The Israelites walked through the sea on dry ground with the waters a wall to the right and to the left" (vs. 12) Their pursuers were not as fortunate. The waters came together and covered them, chariots and all.

This is for You

Some miracle, right? Well, this story is not in the Bible just for entertainment. You can take courage when you're surrounded by troubles on every side. God is still in charge. Never forget that. You may feel like a slave to habit, debt, illness, or other problems. But God can deliver you. Not only that, God will keep on delivering you. He won't leave you to fight life's battles by yourself.

So, take courage. Keep on going forward in faith. Step into the waters of your sea of problems and difficulties. God will open a plain path before you. And you'll know, after you've presented  your situation to God in prayer, just what course to follow. You can trust God with your life and your future. Then you'll understand why Moses and his people sang this song after they had landed safely on the other side of the sea: "God is my strength, God is my song, and yes, God is my salvation. This is the kind of God I have and I'm telling the world!" (Exodus 15:2).

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