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Mind, Heart, Spirit
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Recently, I ran across some wisdom that someone had asked of God. While I can’t remember who actually asked these things, I do remember what it was. It was a request that God grant three things: a quick mind, a large heart, and a tender spirit. Sounds a lot like Solomon, doesn’t it? Perhaps it was. Well, whoever it was who originated the request, I am embracing it now as my own. God, please grant me a quick mind, a large heart, and a tender spirit.

How about you? Is that a request you would ask of God too? It seems that any of us who are striving for a successful journey in this life with Jesus and who are pressing onward toward Eternity with our Maker and King, would do well to possess these three gifts.

Three Gifts

A Quick Mind: Think about how valuable this one is. Whether we are needing to think efficiently in the work place, mathematically, analytically, or administratively, or if we are needing a quick answer for a question our child is asking, including every question from, where did dirt come from? to why does God love us?, a quick mind is also useful in retaining God’s Word in our minds and hearts. We can then not only be ready to give a quick answer to ourselves or to others, but also to Satan. Yes, a quick mind is a valuable gift in a multitude of areas.

A Large Heart: I love this. A large heart. When I think of God’s heart, I think of a very large heart, don’t you? It has to be in order to hold enough love, compassion, mercy, grace, endurance, and patience to cover a whole world of struggling human beings. Yes, God’s heart is very large, to say the least. So, I want a large heart too. I want it to be stretched and pulled in order to hold more of the attributes of God’s heart. Allowing our hearts to become enlarged can be a painful process at times because of our resistance to love fully and completely without regard to self. But, in the end, it must surely be worth it.

A Tender Spirit:  Again, this is a trait of God, and it is a trait I desperately want. A tender spirit gains so much more credibility with others in showing Jesus to them. Come to think of it, it helps me to receive Jesus more fully myself too. I’m more receptive to the instructions of the Holy Spirit when I have a tender spirit. I’m reminded of my grown son’s comment to me when he was a very small child just after I had apologized for losing my temper. He said (with a tender spirit),  “That’s OK, mama, but we usually get further with people when we’re nice.”  So true. So tender.

I wonder what the world would be like if everyone asked God for these three gifts. Further, I wonder what  it would be like if everyone simply asked God. Period. There are so many things God is waiting to give us that will bring us more peace in our lives. In James 4:2, 3 the Bible says, “You do not have, because you do not ask God.” 

God is always ready to anoint us with more power from the Holy Spirit, but whether it is a quick mind, a large heart, a tender spirit, or some other godly attributes, we need to ask God and then step boldly before the throne of Grace to receive it. 

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