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Three Cord Rope
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As I took part in the Communion service at our church this past week, I experienced an especially rich infusion of the Spirit. First, while my husband is a deacon and has many times served the congregation by handing out the bread and juice, I had never actually been seated on the side where he was serving. This time, I made a point of sitting on his side of the church.

As Mark approached my seat and presented the plate of bread before me, I was struck with an awareness of a bond between us that deeply touched and strengthened me. I realized as I reached toward the plate to receive the bread of Jesus' body that the plate was being held by my husband. It was a moment of unique awareness of the bond among the three of us. God, my husband, and myself. I felt the same when the juice was offered.

This is not the first time I have been aware of the strength of having a Christian marriage. After 30 years, our Christian marriage is one of the most treasured things in my life. But the words of our pastor on that same day as he prayed for the couples taking part together in the foot-washing service made it come clear to me just how important that bond is.

Husband, Wife, God

Pastor Abel prayed a prayer of blessing for the couples and in his prayer, he mentioned that a three cord rope is not easily broken and how husband and wife and God working daily together have that same strength.

Think about it. I remember finding very old, tattered ropes on the farm when I was a kid. They had been used for pulling heavy things, holding things, and had just plain been neglected in the weather until time and the elements had frayed the edges. However, the rope was still together, still strong, and still functional. The three cords had been bound tightly together when it was made and nothing could pull them apart. In fact, the more a rope is pulled on, the tighter the cords come together.

On the other hand, if you've ever seen a two cord rope, you have noticed that it is easily unraveled. Both cords can be of the highest quality, but without the third cord, they are more likely to come undone in time. A marriage that allows God to be interwoven into its every part is a bond that can not only delight in happiness, but can also weather storms. It may get tattered on the outside, but at the core, it is stronger than ever.

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