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Selective Amnesia
Photo: Felix Mizioznikov
It began as an ordinary work day for Scott Bolzan, as it did for thousands of other Arizonans, that mid December day in 2008. After successfully maneuvering the morning commute, the 46-year-old CEO and founder of a Tempe aircraft management company, made a routine pit stop in the bathroom before grabbing his morning cup of Joe.

The last thing Scott remembered was stepping on an oily spot on the bathroom floor and his feet flying out from under him. When he regained consciousness in a Scottsdale hospital, there were five staples in the back of his head and a lovely blond lady was hugging him. Although the woman was his wife Joan of 24 years, he did not know her.

It soon became apparent this was only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. For Bolzan did not know his parents, children or friends either. He remembered nothing of his childhood. Nor did he have any recollection of his early athletic career as a football player at Northern Illinois University, or as an offensive lineman for the New England Patriots and Cleveland Browns.

Scott had no remembrance of any history he had learned throughout his life – wars, presidents, disasters – all had been wiped away. He could not even recall what foods he liked. Most disturbing, Bolzan no longer knew his own values, goals or dreams – just emptiness.

No Memories

His doctors diagnoses – Autobiographical and Historical Amnesia.

After a three day stint in the hospital, he was sent home with the reassurance that all would return to normal within a few days, or at the outside, a couple of weeks. Now, eight months later and still no memories, Scott and his family are coming to grips with the reality that he may never be able to remember the last 46 years.

Although we would never choose to have our hard drive wiped out, most of us would like to delete certain files – specific incidences in our lives – such as harsh words spoken, poor decisions made and moral failures acted out.
Amazingly, the God of heaven who sees all and knows all, has chosen to have selective amnesia. For when we come to him asking forgiveness for our sins, He chooses to delete them. God removes our sins “so far as the east is from the west…” (Psalms 103:12), and “into the depths of the sea…” (Micah 7:19). “For I will be merciful to their unrighteousness and their sins and their lawless deeds I will remember no more” (Hebrews 8:12).

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