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Missing Bravery
Photo:Andy Nowack
I’m a young adult and let me just tell you, it’s a tough phase in life. You go through a lot of changes and reality checks in a very short amount of time.

At least for me, the first few months after college were filled with doubt, insecurities, and a sense of being in the middle of the “unknown.” It was a slap in the face—the transition from a college, care-free mindset, to that of a young adult who was searching for a job, for a church to connect with, for a place to live. I was wondering if I was enough. If my personality, my resume, my experience was enough to impress people in the "real world".

As I reflect on that time now—five years out of college, five years in the workforce—I catch myself wondering, what is happening to me as a young adult? Why am I missing that bravery, that courage, that reckless abandon I once had as a child. Is it just me or does it seem like we loose a little bit of our courage as we go through life?

As children, we recklessly go through life, eagerly learning new things—like how to ride a bike, how to roller skate and ice skate, how to become the center of attention. We would make new friends in school in a flash. It was a life of uncertainty but, as children, we faced it head on.

Courage Chipped Away

I find myself missing that courage sometimes. It’s like the longer I live, the more I allow my courage to be chipped away. I know it’s inside of me…it’s just timid and dormant.

So, what is it that makes us lose our courage? Maybe it is the pressures of the world, the unrealistic expectations at work, the pressure of being in the know of “what’s in” right now.
We can return to that bravery that we had as children—that bravery that saw us through wobbly, bumpy rides on our bicycles, that saw us through the first day of elementary school, that saw us fearlessly jumping into the water for the first time, that saw us through the first boy or girl we talked to that “we really liked”. We can become the brave souls God created us to be, fully knowing that our Father is there to pick us up when we fall, to walk with us when we need confidence, and to be there when our confidence is shaken. All we need is to feel His arms wrapped around us and hear Him whisper, “It’s going to be OK, I love you. You can do this”—the whisper that becomes the sweet sound of bravery.

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