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Praise Him!
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Just recently, I witnessed a woman who was all up in arms. She did something for her co-workers and no one said thank you. She was absolutely beside herself. “So typical!” she said, “you do something for someone and no one tells you thanks!” 

I was a little puzzled. It seemed almost as if the only reason she helped out was to get praise. I don’t think you should ever do something, just in the hopes that you will be praised for it. If you go in with an expectation, you will surely be disappointed if your expectations are not met. 

Can you imagine how God must feel? The creator of the universe, and the holder of our lives, who blesses us daily, yet sometimes we allow days to go by without as much as a peep in His direction. Our lives severely lack praise.

I remember visiting the church of one of my friends a while ago. One of the things I remember most was that the air was thick with an attitude of praise. When the choir began to sing, the congregation joined in; there were hundreds of voices singing praises to the Most High. It was amazing. There was feelings of joy, security, and thanksgiving all combined, it was amazing. I could not help but feel that heaven might be like that, only hundreds of times better.

Genuine Praise

Sometimes, things in life get so difficult we become blinded with the pain. Seeing how much light and calm praising God brings, I can’t help but wonder if praise is what we should be doing in times of darkness. I do not particularly believe that we need drums and cymbals to praise God. I’m pretty sure our praise is accepted, no matter what the volume, as long as it is genuine.

Praise elevates our thanksgiving to another level; it brings us closer to and strengthens our relationship with God.

When we praise God, it helps us to understand that, we are the clay in this equation, not the Potter; we are the sheep, not the Shepherd. It is important for us to understand that to try to endure this life alone is futile. We have to depend on someone, and God is there to be that someone. Never do we have to wonder who cares for us. God cares, and will work out what is best for us. Praise is the time we set aside just to express our gratefulness.

When you put all of your energies into saying – Lord, I thank you, come what may, I thank you anyway. It’s like declaring war on the cares of this world.

"Oh, give thanks to the Lord! Call upon His name;... Sing to Him, sing psalms to Him; Talk of all His wondrous works!" (Psalms 105:1, 2).

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