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Blocking a Blessing

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At a former job, I met a young lady who longed for a husband. It seemed to me that longing was all she ever did; she believed that her life’s purpose was to be a wife and here she was husband-less, and therefore purposeless. She was not sure she would survive her single life, and was often heartbroken.

Thinking she was helping, one of our co-workers set her up on a blind date with a nice young man she knew. On Monday morning, the entire department waited for the report. Everyone seemed to be collectively pulling for her to have made a connection.

It was apparent almost immediately; there was “NO connection”, she announced. She was almost irate in conveying her story. He was too short, and although he was slightly taller than she was, slightly taller was not nearly tall enough. He didn’t have the “right” sense of humor, what he wore showed that he had a poor sense of style, his job was not important enough nor did it pay enough for the age he was. She did not think he was attractive enough and she could not believe that anyone in this condition could think they were date-able.

She was even more furious at the co-worker who set her up. What was she thinking? She then went on to bemoan her single status. She just could not understand why God was punishing her by keeping her single. To say that there was stunned silence in the room might be an understatement.

This situation is not limited to singles. Have you ever seen a new mother and baby, when dad comes around to help, mom says everything he does isn’t the “right way”? Then after a while, mom complains that dad doesn’t help.

Are you judging or nit picking your way out of your blessing of happiness? I am not suggesting that if you want something you should settle on the first thing that comes your way. At the same time, I’ve come to realize that we can blindly throw a monkey wrench into the gears of reality based on things that we fantasize about.


Before you nitpick your way into oblivion take a step back and reassess the entire situation. Ask yourself some questions:

1. Will this decision matter in five years? I think you’ll agree that the color of the awning on the house is not nearly as important as making sure the foundation of the house is not damaged. Each decision we make ultimately affects some part of our lives, but it is important to prioritize.

2. Is the situation non-negotiable? We all have things that we refuse to compromise on. Sometimes this is necessary, but other times we realize there really is no reason we should not try to reach a happy medium.

3. Are you ready for the changes to come? Change is at times quite difficult to accept. Sometimes, we unknowingly construct roadblocks in our own path so we will not have to endure change. We don’t make the time, we feign ignorance, and we refuse to share.

Life is full of change, but as long as we ask God for his guidance, He has promised to direct our path. We might fail ourselves, but He will never fail us.

"In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths" (Proverbs 3:6).

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