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Family Worship
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Before I was married with children, I pictured my future family sitting around the dinner table participating in family worship. Some friends of mine from high school told me about their families reading the Bible together every night after dinner.  Coming from a non-Christian home, I was inspired by the idea of a whole family coming together to talk about faith on a daily basis. This dinner Bible study idea seemed amazing and I longed to have that kind of devotional time with my own family.

Now I am married with a four-year-old, two and half-year-old, and an infant. All of us are blessed to even sit down for an entire meal together. My previous ideal for a dinner and devotional time flew out the window around the time my husband and I had our first child. In fact, it had been hard finding the time to fit in a dinner Bible study as a newly married couple.

I have always liked the idea of scheduling my day because I enjoy the security of knowing what is going to come next. However, God had a different plan for my family when it came to sharing our faith together. Instead of having impossible expectations of a set family Bible study, where my kids sit still and the baby is silent, we have spontaneous worship times.

One day my husband sat down at our piano and started playing worship songs. All of us enjoyed this so much, that he decided to play worship songs more often. We do not do this at the same time every day, but we do worship together regularly. Sometimes one child is on my husband’s lap, sometimes the toddlers sit on each side of him; or quite often the kids play and listen to the songs.

Reading through Scripture

In the few windows of time my husband and I get to have well thought out conversations, we find ourselves reading through scripture and praying together. We do not have a scheduled time for these moments, but they happen frequently. Our very desire to have Christ as a part of our lives makes it simple to include faith in just about every discussion we have. The kids do not read yet, but I pray one day they will also become a part of our discussions. Maybe these times will continue to be unplanned, or maybe we will someday reach a scheduled dinner and devotional time. At this point I am happy with either scenario.

As I compare my original family worship ideal to my life with Jesus now, I have learned that scheduling in my devotions does not make me more or less of a Christian. I am realizing that even if I do not have a Christian “routine,” I still love God the same and my children love Jesus, too. In fact, my children often have their own spontaneous worship sessions where they sing praise songs together or alone.

I feel blessed that God reaches us right where we are. If we long to seek Him, He will meet with us, too. 

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