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Let Jesus Lead
Niagra Falls
Photo: Luann Johnson
Jean Francois Gravelet, a.k.a. Charles Blondin, was somewhat of a legend in the last century. He was a world-famous tightrope walker and acrobat. His feats and antics on the tightrope were known around the world.

On June 30, 1859, Charles Blondin became the first person to walk across Niagara Falls on a tightrope. He repeated the feat on several occasions. Amazingly, people volunteered to accompany him on the rope. He even carried a man across the falls on his shoulders. Another time, he pushed his manager across the falls in a wheelbarrow.

I Must Have Total Control

Mr. Blondin demanded one thing of those he carried on his tightrope. “Don’t resist me,” he said. “I have to be in total control all the way.” Those who volunteered to let Blondin carry them on his tightrope were always safe by following his instructions. If they had resisted Blondin’s efforts to carry them, the results could have been disastrous.

It wouldn’t have helped things to look down. The view would have been terrifying. And becoming terrified wouldn’t have helped, either. The only thing to do was to totally submit to the man doing the carrying.

In the same way, Jesus says to those who want to walk with Him: “Anyone who intends to come with Me has to let Me lead. You’re not in the driver’s seat–I am” (Luke 9:23). Jesus has walked the way before you. He knows the way. If you’ll just let Him lead, Jesus will carry you safely over every hurdle, through every problem, every trial and difficulty. If you do not resist, you will find yourself being drawn to Jesus. And when you come to Jesus, He will hold you by a hand that will never let you go.

Won’t you let Jesus have complete control of your life today?

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