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Someone Chose Me
Photo: James Blinn
I was a small, scrawny, non-athletic kid but I wanted to belong, so I did the only thing I knew to do. I stood on the playground and endured “choosing teams”. Invariably the “top” guys got chosen first; top meaning the ones who carried the playground stamp of approval.

Next came the fillers – the guys who were neither in the top bunch nor slotted amongst the “nerdy.” After them came any girls who were “top” either because of their athletic ability or by association (one of the “cool” guys was sweet on them). Then us – the ones you let play “cause the teacher said so”.

When the choosing got down to us it was, in reality, no longer a choosing but a negotiating.

“You take ___”

“I’ll take ___ if you take ___.”

“That wouldn’t be fair!  How about…”

And so we were divvied up. I invariably went last. I wanted to be chosen. What I got was being bargained off, accepted like the handicap in a horse race.

Then things changed. Touch football was the game of the week and I was clear. (Of course I was clear; nobody needed to cover me ‘cause “who’d be dumb enough to throw to a girl who can’t catch?”) I don’t know why he did it, but on that day the coolest-of-cool quarter-backs threw the football… right to me… and I caught it. And while most of the gang looked on with their mouths hanging open, I ran. Oh, the ecstasy of heart!

Real Life

A good story would peg that as the climax and make it the turning point in my life but real life doesn’t always work like the stories. The next day, the playground gang cast their vote. Yup. I got chosen before the baggage was negotiated… and, yup, when my chance came, I dropped the ball.

“Yesterday was a fluke!” they loudly announced and I fell from grace.

Oh, the ache of heart; one event after another, hoping that this time someone would choose me. To walk through childhood longing to be chosen, to claw through the teen years aching to hear my name, and finally to stumble into my adult years searching for someone to choose me – someone who I imagined could fill that empty ache.

This time, I have not been disappointed. Yes, Someone has found me. A simple Truth has filled my heart and changed my outlook. Someone has chosen me. What I didn’t know then but I do know now is that He had chosen me even before I was born! Now I’m learning that as I rely on Him to practice with me, coach me, and stand by me in every situation, I let the people in my life “off the hook” and then a surprising thing happens - just what I have always wanted - they choose me too. And I’m doubly happy.

"Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord, the people he chose for his inheritance" (Psalms 33:12).

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