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Always on Time
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It was August 28, 2008. The day had finally come. I’d prepared for this moment and patiently waited for more than six months. I was extremely happy, anxious and nervous all at the same time. I was going to Chile on a mission trip with eight other people who I have never met before. The pastor in charge of the trip, the only person I knew, was already in Chile waiting for us.

The only thing I knew about this mission trip was that we were going to put the roof on a church building. When I got there I learned the whole story. About 10 years previous, the members of this church had started to build this church. They laid the foundation, erected walls but shortly after that they ran out of funds. So the church had stood there all those years uncompleted. The people of San Jose, Chili had waited for almost 10 years. Now, there we were, ready to help them fulfill their dreams. I was energized and inspired by the story and I wanted to start working right at that moment.

Today, I look back and a smile comes to my face. On the other hand this experience makes me realize that everyone goes through seasons of difficulty and challenge in life. Expect them, but don’t allow them to separate you from God’s divine destiny for your life. Setbacks, tough times, and unpleasant surprises don’t just happen to some; they happen to everyone. One of the enemy’s traps is to isolate you and convince you that you won’t make it. But God promises that He will deliver the righteous out of all of their afflictions. God might not come when you want Him to come but one thing is for sure, He is ALWAYS on time. I just have to tune in to God’s time machine to be able to recognize that He is on time, not my time, but His time.

Declare His Promises

As a personal confession, I have endured many problems in my life. Some have been self-imposed while other problems have been spiritual or physical attacks. No matter what the source, God has used these problems to help build character, endurance, and understanding. I have received some of God’s supernatural promises swiftly, and other promises have taken me months or even years to receive. If you’re going through a tough time today, keep an attitude of faith and expectancy. Declare His promises over your life. Remember that through Him you are victorious! 

As you continue to stand, even during the difficult times, you can be assured that victory is on the way. It might be today…it might be next week…next month, or next year, but God is faithful! Through faith and patience, you will inherit the promise. You will get beyond your difficulty, and you’ll increase in wisdom and strength.

 “Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers him out of them all” (Psalms 34:19).

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