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The Middle Man
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Last year I had the awesome opportunity to go on a mission trip to Santiago, Chile. It was a group of five women and five men. Among these 10 people, only eight of us were going to work on the project and from these eight only three spoke Spanish. This is interesting because we were going to team up with a group of workers from Chile who did not speak English.

I remember the first day, everyone was confused and communicating using hands, facial expressions and through the three of us who were bilingual. It was funny and challenging but we managed to survive. I got a little taste of how things could have developed when, after Noah’s days, the survivors of the great flood and its descendents tried to build the Tower of Babel. As the project progressed I was constantly used as an interpreter. Being able to speak Spanish also helped me to develop a friendship with the workers.

God designed us to live in relationship with others. He wants us to help each other grow. None of us will reach our highest potential by ourselves, we need people in our lives to encourage us and we need to encourage the people in our lives and help them reach their potential.


As an interpreter I was able to connect and help these two groups to understand each other and to accomplish something together. As believers in Jesus, we are His ambassadors, or representatives, on the earth. We are His "middle man." I'm sure we are the only 'Jesus' some people will ever know. Ambassadors are privileged. They are a diplomat with the highest rank. They walk in the authority of the name of the one who sent them. Ambassadors make decisions and solve problems, but their primary role is to promote diplomatic relationships.

As God’s ambassadors on the earth, we walk in His power and authority. We are to promote a relationship with Him. When you see yourself as God’s ambassador, it will change the way you think and act.

Toward the end of our trip, after our mission was finished, after we reached our goal, these workers came to the hotel to say goodbye. It was then that I learned how important we were for them and how grateful they were. I truly treasure these friends, who I consider part of my family. I can’t get over the fact that as you participate in these kinds of activities, of helping someone (in this case we put a roof over their church), you are the one who is blessed. Amazing!

Remember, you are a representative of the Almighty God. Show kindness because His kindness leads people to change. Speak words of healing that will draw people to Him. As you fulfill your role as an ambassador of God, He will honor your faithfulness.

"We are ambassadors for Christ…" (2 Corinthians 5:20).

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