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Pretty Please
Photo: Dreamstime
Lucy's a beggar. She's also a beagle. A freckled brown and white, warm, soft, bouncy beagle. Lucy stayed at our house once while our daughter, Kate, was passing through to go to a wedding. Dog-sitting a puppy still in the potty-training and chewing phase can be challenging, but the irresistible traits of this pup soon outweighed the less complementary ones.

For example, her begging. Sitting totally upright on her back legs with perfect posture, front paws tucked at attention at her chest and head tilted slightly to one side, she would make eye contact with us and relentlessly hold the pose until a treat was delivered. And, of course, a treat was delivered. Every time. Maybe it wasn't a good idea to give her a treat every time she begged, but how could we resist? In fact, I worry about people who can.

Fair Play

Henry, Lucy's Schnauzer house mate, takes a more intellectual approach. He simply sits at attention while Lucy is begging, realizing that once she has her treat, the humans will automatically do the same for him as they recognize the importance of fair play. Both dogs consistently count on the fact that it is satisfying for humans to make their pets happy.

Why is that? What is it that makes us so happy to make them happy? And beyond pets, what about our children? It gives us even more joy to give our children things that they need and want. God must feel the same way about us. Whether we're begging with pretty please eyes or whether we're just patiently waiting for our turn, God is always attentive to our needs. No one is more anxious to touch us with kindness than God. What a wonderful Master God is. And, unlike humans who run out of treats from time to time, God always has a full supply.

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