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I’m feeling overwhelmed. We’ve just found out we’re going to have another baby. We’re thrilled. And I’m terrified. I’m a good and loving mom, but I am not an organized or structured mom. I seem to get by on a wing and a prayer. That worked OK with one, I’m surviving with two…  but with three??? I think I’m in trouble.

And to be honest, it all comes down to discipline. And I don’t seem to have any. I’m one of those people who is fast, and so I often wait until the last minute or overestimate my ability to get things accomplished in a timely fashion. Our family meals are often planned at 5 p.m. as I stand in front of an open refrigerator door. My kids are often dressed out of baskets of folded clean laundry that never seems to get put away. The house often looks like those awful images of tornado paths seen on TV. The kids are often left to do their own thing as I work on the computer doing something for me. And stories and lessons about Jesus are told not regularly, but when an event occurs that brings something to my mind.

I’d like to be someone else. Or that’s how I feel today. It’s not a feeling I have often.  But as I look eight months down the line when I’ll not have enough hands to hold all of my children, I’m panicking a bit.

So what am I going to do?

I’m going to be proactive. I’m going to call a friend. A woman whose four kids have successfully made it to their teenage years. But more importantly, a woman who loves the Lord and has faithfully followed Christ for years. I’m going to meet her for lunch and I’m going to ask her to mentor and advise me.

It’s crazy for me to try to reinvent the wheel when so many have done this before me. And it’s silly to ignore the graceful and loving women the Lord has surrounded me with. I was never meant to do this alone. I’m surrounded by a community of Christ-believers whom I need to tap for insight into the complications of family and parenting.

If I can just find her number on this messy desk...

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