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My Anchor
Photo: Sonya Etchison
He came to me for help with an English paper, but it was really he who helped me. The assignment was to write a poem using a symbol. He chose an anchor, and here’s why.

He had recently made some wrong choices and had gotten caught. Before long his parents, the school, and his friends had found out. Everyone seemed to have an opinion on what the truth was and what the discipline should be. Kids at school took sides. Some questioned his integrity. But after reading his poem assignment, I knew where his heart was. He titled it, “My Anchor.”

Anchor of my soul
Keeps me grounded
When life is out of control
I am surrounded

When life gets confusing
God anchors me
When I am left choosing
God puts me on my knee

He gives me friends
Ones that are faithful
One that defends
Makes my heart full

And with my parent
Loyal and true
Faith is apparent
To them I say thank you
They Need Us

His poem reminded me of what our teens need most when they get into trouble. They don’t need to be yelled at. They don’t need to be told how embarrassed they’ve made us. They don’t need to be hit. They don’t need to be told how stupid they are. Rather they need us, with God, to be an anchor.

What’s the purpose of an anchor? I have a friend who skippers boats. He tells me that when a boat is docked in the harbor, it doesn’t need an anchor because it’s safely tied to the dock. But when it’s out on the open sea, an anchor can literally be a lifesaver. An anchor holds the boat steady in a storm. It keeps the boat from drifting farther out to sea.

So it is with our teenagers. They need us as parents to “hold them steady.” To have our unconditional love and acceptance be an unchanging absolute in their lives. When our teens are facing a storm, that’s when they need us most. This doesn’t mean there won’t be consequences. But consequences need love behind them if we want our teen’s love in return.

By the way, this young man got an ‘A’ on his poem. But more than that, he turned his life around.

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