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Organically Grown
Photo: Eric Harding
I often find myself at my local Fresh Market store. I enjoy buying produce there because the products are of exceptional quality. Most, if not all, are organic and I find myself enjoying their heightened taste and flavor. This caused me to ponder the idea of “organically grown”, which means food that is grown and processed using no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. Meaning it’s as natural and as integral as can possibly be. As I contemplated this concept it caused me to realize that God calls us to be “organically grown” in our faith. He wants our faith to be free of “synthetic material.”

“Free of synthetic material”…is an interesting concept. One I’m sure most of us try to achieve in our lives or think we achieve most of the times. But do we? Do I? Am I free of synthetic material? Am I really living an organic spiritual life? Or am I living a synthetic faith? Am I giving God all of me? Or just the parts of me that seem to be genuine.

“Spirituality requires context. Always. Boundaries, borders, limits. “The Word became flesh and dwelt among us.” No on becomes more spiritual by becoming less material. No one becomes exalted by ascending in a gloriously colored hot-air balloon. Mature spirituality requires askesis, a training program custom-designed for each individual-in-community, and then continuously monitored and adapted as development takes place and conditions vary. It can never be mechanically imposed … it must be organically grown...” (Taken from Eugene Peterson’s Living the Message).

Real with God

Living a God-life requires us to be real. To be real with our selves and to be real with God. God does not want us to be less of ourselves but he desires more of Himself in our lives. Spiritual growth and maturity comes from building an integral relationship with God. It’s not just learning more about Him. It’s about knowing Him. So often I’ve found myself knowing a lot of information about God but falling short of knowing who He really is. Forgetting at times how loving, compassionate and full of grace he is.

So may we grow to know Him more and more and more. May we remember that God is love, He is compassion, He is grace. He is all those things. May we realize that we can fully disclose our true selves to Him. That He longs to have an authentic and real relationship with us. And may our authenticity cause us to become organically grown in Him.

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