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My Dad is Stronger
Photo: Denis Radovanovic
After an intensive workout I decided to stop by my brother’s house to pick up a CD. His identical twins named Alvin and Irving, who were six or seven years old came to the door to greet me. They both noticed I was all sweaty. “Where were you, uncle?” they asked. I simply said: “Gym”. I then proceeded to show them my flexed arms and my muscles. I pointed to my biceps and said: “Do you realize that I’m stronger than your dad?” They both stared at me and Alvin said: “Oh no, my dad is stronger." Then Irving, almost interrupting Alvin said: “Do you know that my dad can squash you?” He said it so seriously that I had no choice but to laugh.

We all have times when we feel weak or discouraged in life. Sometimes the problems we face are bigger and stronger than us. The size alone is very intimidating and even if we are strong, having that intimidating feeling inside of us will make us feel weak. But we don’t have to live that way!  We can be strong in the Lord and in His power. We don’t have to walk around defeated and depressed or worried.  We can have joy today! In fact, did you know that the joy of the Lord is our strength? God’s joy isn’t based on circumstances. It isn’t based on the news, the stock market or the housing economy. God’s joy is based on Him.

Stronger in Him

Allow me to encourage you to take the same attitude as my nephews. You need to tell your problems: “Do you know that my Father is stronger than you?” Do you realize that my Father can squash you?” The Bible says in Ephesians 6:10 that in the Lord we are strong. Not only He is strong, but we can be stronger in Him.

When you think about what He’s done for you, that He’s given you life, that He’s cast your sins as far as the east is from the west, you can’t help but get happy! You can’t help but have joy inside of you. That supernatural joy on the inside of you will give you confidence. Confidence is strength in knowing that God has chosen you and equipped you for everything in life today. Confidence is a supernatural strength that can overcome the feeling of intimidation you once had.

When you understand how much God loves you and that He desires to empower you, every obstacle will become smaller and smaller. Know this, for every challenge, God has a solution. He wants to turn your obstacle into an opportunity. He wants to bring you out stronger than before. He wants to take you to higher places. David says in Psalm 57:1 that your soul can find refuge and shelter in Him.

The enemy can’t take away what God has given you deep on the inside. So put a smile on your face today and rejoice in the Lord. He will fill your heart with His peace, confidence, and power to move forward.

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