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Two Hearts, One Mind
Photo: Maria Bobrova
My wife and I celebrated our 32nd wedding anniversary recently. Normally, on our anniversary we exchange cards, but not gifts. We also go out for dinner together,  just us, no kids, to a nice restaurant that we, rather than the kids, want to eat at. So it was this year. We told our youngest son (the only one still at home) he was on his own for one night.

It was a work day, and things got busy. I got home 30 minutes later than normal. My wife was ready to go, so I kissed her, gave her the anniversary card I had picked up, and went to change. As she took the blue envelope that held the card, she had a strange look on her face, as if she had had an unexpected surprise. It puzzled me.

On the way to the bedroom, I stopped in my office to drop off some things. On the keyboard of my computer was my card from her. It was in a blue envelope, identical in every respect to the one I had given her. Suddenly I understood her odd expression. She had been wondering if we had given each other the same card. So was I. 

It might make a better story if the two cards had been identical, but they were different. The style, sentiment, and message on both cards were very similar.

Same Card?

Later, over dinner, we joked about it. She admitted feeling a momentary consternation at the thought that we had gotten each other the same card. So had I. Yet after laughing about it, we both started wondering. What would have been wrong with giving each other the same card? Two hearts, one mind, and all that.

It is a little bit scary to realize that you have grown together to the point where your thoughts are so similar. At the same time it is comforting to realize that someone knows you almost as well as you know yourself. It is even more comforting to realize that two of you share so much that your knowledge about your spouse and your spouse’s knowledge about you is a source of trust and strength.

In both Genesis 2:24 and Ephesians 5:31 the Bible states “For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh.” 

It is, as Paul states, a profound mystery. Somewhere along our shared thirty-two years my wife and I have in a real sense become one. 

Fairy tales end when the princess marries her prince. That is a shame. The storytellers miss the best part of the story. Trust me on that one.

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