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Cricket Time
Photo: Dani Ditto
Bustling around the kitchen one day, yellow rubber gloves on board, I deftly wiped off the counter in on fell swoop. Grasping the large glass of fresh pressed carrot juice in one hand, I quickly sponged off the electric juice extractor with the other. When suddenly, it happened! The blue, plastic cup brimming with bright orange liquid went flying from my hand.

Within a matter of seconds, the colorful juice of 20 carrots splattered far and wide. The crisp white wall and Formica, as well as, several small kitchen appliances were summarily baptized in carrot juice.

The overflow formed a fast moving river that barreled over the falls of the counter top between the oak cabinets and the gas stove, dribbling down into the dark recesses below.

Surprised at the magnitude of the mess made with one slip of the hand, I realized I would now need to move the oven in order to begin the cleanup. With Herculean effort, I rocked and pulled, side to side, until the shiny, black range stood in the middle of the kitchen.

Surveying it's former dwelling place, I beheld carrot juice intermingling with dust and dirt, various twist ties and a yellow plastic bottle cap soaking into the once creamy white grout.

Needless to say, this mess took considerable time to purge.

Hole in the Wall

During the course of my cleaning, I discovered something strange. At the base of the wall behind the stove, was a broad area an inch high and perhaps eight inches in width. This hole appeared to lead to the earthy cavity of the foundation of the house.

As I "globbed" handfuls of wallboard compound into the breach, I was annoyed by the workmanship of the home builder who apparently thought no one would ever pull the cook stove out to discover this gaping hole.

“Why, bugs and lizards could get in here,” I mused. And, then it hit me! For three years I had battled crickets in my home. From February through November, 10 months of the year, they marched their way into my desert abode trying to stage a coup.

On merciful days, I caught them and tossed them outside. Other times, they met their demise in the toilet bowl. I even considered buying one of those educational bug vacuums for kids that allow you to suck up an insect and then study it through the clear plastic tube that becomes its’ new home.

The most frustrating part of the conflict was this. How, in the world were they getting into the house? Suddenly, the answer came. That yawning cavern in the wall behind the oven, was a flashing neon sign for vermin. Vacancy. We’ll leave the light on for you!

Now, after filling in the opening, the crickets have not entirely disappeared but their numbers have reduced dramatically.

Did God want me to throw carrot juice all over my kitchen? No. But since I did, the Lord brought a big blessing out of it for me. I seriously doubt I would ever have pulled out the range to discover the hole any other way. “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose (Romans 8:28).

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