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God's Provision
Photo: Mark Stout
My husband and I had been living in this little town for just over two years. We both knew that the job he took there was just temporary. A family friend was happy to help us out while my husband looked for something more suitable for our family.

After just a couple of months my husband was asked to attend an job interview with one of the jobs we thought might put him on a good career path. Unfortunately, he received a rejection letter. For months my husband applied to all the jobs in town that might possibly pay a living wage for our family, but there were no more interviews. Both of us began to feel desperate and we started to look into other options.

Going back to school seemed like a good idea. We looked at different career paths and my husband decided to apply to law school. The process itself was way very expensive for our limited budget, but we made it work somehow. He got accepted into a school not too far from where we lived. Rent prices seemed to be decent, the school was a good fit, and we were happy with almost every aspect of the move.

Then reality hit us—we could not figure out how we could possibly come up with the money to move and have first and last month’s rent for an apartment. We applied for part-time jobs, to add to my husband’s full-time job, thinking that if we could just make a little more money we might have enough for the move and make it to law school on time. Neither of us minded who got a part-time job, we just needed to find one.

School Not Working Out

By mid-July no job options had yet appeared and we had to let go of the idea of moving. School was just not going to work out. We tried to rethink our plans again. We considered looking for jobs outside our town knowing that we might not be thrilled with the location. One interview did turn up, but the job was just not a good match. By this time our job hunt totaled about two years Both my husband and I were feeling very discouraged. If we could not move and my husband could not go back to school, then we were not sure what our options would look like. At this point both both of us were felt we could not stay, but we were not sure how we would find work elsewhere either.

Then the economy crashed and my husband’s employer decided that there was not enough work to keep him employed anymore. He was let go a week before Thanksgiving. Neither of us knew how we were going to get out of this mess. We had two more weeks of pay and then nothing, not even savings. Our plans of moving on to a better job were appeared to be dashed. 

God showed up for us with a job for my husband in our time of absolute desperation. It was a time when everyone would have told us we would never find a job, but it happened. It happened just as my husband and I were packing to go live with his family. The phone rang with an offer for a job. We could hardly believe how easy it seemed. Just as our two weeks of pay were about to be used up, he would begin his new position. God gave us what we needed just in time.

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