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Bible's Road Map
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Recently, Mark and I traveled from Iowa to Alabama to attend our son's wedding. We were excited about the trip since we would be traveling through seven states to get from our home to our daughter-in-law's home. On the way, however, we had three learning experiences that served as great object lessons for life.

The first lesson we learned was in our own home state. We had expected that if we would get lost on the trip, it would be in St. Louis or maybe Nashville. But to our great surprise, we found ourselves lost before we had even left Iowa. Perhaps we were too confident about the roads nearer to home. Or maybe we just weren't paying as much attention as we should have. Whatever the reason, there we were pulled over, getting out the atlas to see where we were and where we should be. It wasn't a huge mistake and, fortunately, we discovered it early on. However, it left us realizing that whether we're on a road trip or whether we're on the journey of life, we should never be too confident that we can't be lost at home. Our confidence can lead us to be off guard for little unnoticed signs along the way that are there to keep us on track.

Next, we got lost in unfamiliar territory. We were driving through a city and after making several necessary stops, we found that we were turned around. This is very unusual for Mark as he has a reasonably good sense of direction. As for me, if the sun isn't rising or setting, I'm in trouble. I'm definitely a landmark directions kind of person. Unfortunately, in unfamiliar territory, we had no landmarks to go by. So, we came onto the highway completely turned around. We were sure we were going the wrong direction, but the sign said we were going the right way. Still unable to shake our instinct, we matched the signs with the atlas to discover that we were on track. Why we felt so turned around, I don't know. But trusting in signs finally got us to our destination. If we had trusted our own instincts, we would have been lost.

We Couldn't See

Much of the latter part of our trip to Alabama had been spent in the dark and rain. Therefore, we couldn't see anything except the road just before us. Little did we know that just off the side of the road were huge drop offs. We had known we had reached hilly country because our ears were popping, but our eyes told us nothing. All we saw was rain and darkness. We just simply kept trusting the road signs until we reached our destination and didn't even know there was any danger.

Our third lesson came to us on the return trip—in daylight. No we clearly saw what kind of roads we had traveled, not realizing that straying one way or the other from the appointed path would have led us off the road and into danger.

In our spiritual journey, it is critical to trust in the Bible's road map for our lives so that even when we are traveling through darkness and can't see beyond the very moment in which we're living, we will stay on track. Many times, we don't even know what danger we are escaping because it is kept from our eyes.

One day, when we meet the Lord and he unfolds the details of our journey, we'll see how enduring He was as our constant, traveling companion. "...your hand will guide me, your right hand will hold me fast" (Psalms 139:10).

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