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The Connection
Photo: Donice Palmer
Looking out the window, I could see hints of color and shape forming on the bushes. Winter’s dull hues were once again being replaced by spring’s vibrant shades. It was rolling out its green carpet to welcome the scattered flowers at the edge of the woods. The dormant, brown blades of grass were springing back to life with vigor and color, seemingly overnight. I knew that very soon the bushes would provide a green screen of cover and shelter for the small creatures preparing for spring births. The tall trees that appeared so stately in the summer and stunning in the fall now seemed to be out of place. They were like stony sentinels dressed in their grays and browns standing guard over spring’s treasures.

While staring at the empty treetops, a bud of an idea began to grow in my mind. Why is the grass always the first to turn green again? Next the bushes uncurl their leaves signaling the trees that it is time to unfurl their flags of green. Every spring it is the same order, and every autumn this process occurs in reverse order. In autumn after a brief but brilliant display, the trees lose their leaves, then the bushes become bare, and lastly the grass is drained of its green growth.

Root System

I am not a scientist, and I have not researched this idea. But common sense makes me think that the progression of these changes in spring and autumn has to do with the plant’s roots and how close it is to its connection. The grass is closely connected to its roots and the earth; therefore, it’s the first to spring back to life and the last to become dormant. Conversely, the majestic trees must send the water and nutrients up the trunk, out the branches, and to the limbs. This makes the towering trees respond slower to nature’s wake up call and be the first to be shaken by autumn’s crisp, brisk winds. The autumn leaf also provides us with a connection example. Have you ever noticed a leaf in autumn and how the pigment carries through its veins first, while the decay begins at the farthest parts? It is a microcosm of a bigger picture.

So what is the point? I believe nature is one of God’s books we can learn from if we take the time to study it. It seems to me that spring and autumn are reminders of the importance of our connection. Jesus is our connection. We like lofty positions and the treetop view, but that distances us from our connection. Then when the chilly, turbulent winds of life come, we are more easily shaken. The closer we are to Jesus the better off we are. If we are like the grass, we can respond quickly to our Maker’s will and won’t be blown away by the bitter winds of disappointment and hurt. It may not be a glamorous position, but it is the best place to be.

Through all the seasons of life, I want a good, close connection with Jesus. How about you?

"I am the vine; you are the branches. If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing" (John 15:5).

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