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What's in Your Closet
Photo: Christian Harberts
Because it’s still too cold in my neck of the woods to be gardening, I’ve decided to conquer my cabin fever by cleaning the closet in the den. The first layer isn’t too bad. I don’t mind parting with old homeschooling materials our kids (now teenagers) have outgrown. And I doubt I will ever teach Art in a classroom again, so those supplies can be given away. The photos can all go in a shoebox—awaiting a surge of scrapbooking creativity.

But what should I do with all these old papers? I settle onto the floor and open an envelope containing a letter from one of my favorite college professors thanking me for nominating her for a particular award and saying I was one of the most creative and dedicated students she ever taught. The letter has been flawlessly crafted on an old manual typewriter and signed in her distinctive handwriting.

I carefully lay this tangible treasure on the “keep” pile before picking up a folder containing several old “home business” plans…dreams from days when I was a full-time mom of preschoolers and cash was scarce. I didn’t write much during those years. My mantra has been “Clear thinking always precedes good writing.” And I found it very difficult to keep my train of thought when I was reading aloud “The Littlest Fireman” 12 times a day and trying to provide reasonable answers to questions like “Why did Sissy throw Daddy’s new watch in the toilet?” That’s when I started doing custom sewing—something I could pick up or drop at a moment’s notice. Client’s came quickly by word of mouth. No business plan required.

Long-forgotten Projects

I sort through other folders containing remnants from bygone projects and plans before tackling the last file, labeled “unpublished manuscripts.” Gingerly I sift through these long-forgotten pages that I never had the time (or courage?) to polish and send off.

Shifting to a more comfortable position, I gaze thoughtfully at the piles around me—outlines of my life telling where I have been, and where I still hope to go. How incredible it is to realize that before any of it happened God planned every detail! “All the days that were ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be” (Psalm 139:16).

So what’s in your closet? Whatever it is, God knows every detail. And, more importantly, God has a perfect plan for your future.

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