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"Don’t shine the light in my eyes; shine it on the engine!" exclaimed my husband. "Now I can’t see anything."

I was holding the flashlight so he could work on the car but I turned for a moment to look at something else and the light veered from the engine to his face.

It’s a simple illustration that while light is a useful, essential element, it matters how it’s employed.

Isn’t it wonderful that God, knowing sinful humanity could not survive the light of His glorious presence, chose to establish a sort of "mirror" system whereby His light would reflect through His Son to us? And isn’t it a wonder that Jesus, "the true light that gives light to every man ..." (John 1:9) has commissioned humans to reflect that same true light to other humans? Divinity mirrored in humanity.


God, “…The King of kings and Lord of lords, who alone is immortal and who lives in unapproachable light..." (I Timothy 6:16), invites us to be living, miniature reflectors of that Light in the same way a city or a candle gives forth light—because a Source of light has connected with us.

The popular question from Charles Sheldon’s book, In His Steps, WWJD - "What would Jesus do?" can be amplified as WWJS - "What would Jesus say?" and "How would He say it?" Not only is it important to receive the Light of Christ into our lives, but it is important to know how best to use it for the sake of others.

As in my help with the car, mishandled light can be worse than no light!

"Lord, let Your light shine in us and through us; make us harmless to Your kingdom. As we seek to bless others by sharing how You've blessed the world, may You also be blessed. Teach us to be gentle as You are gentle; to be true as You are true; and keep our minds and hearts focused on Your face and schooled in Your grace. Amen."

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