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Reader's Comments (2008)
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Comments for article: Más Blanco que la Nieve
Jesus Espinosa, Dec 29, 2009,
This short, most beautiful and concise message made me cry and it helped me understand the simple but important words, GOD IS LOVE. Blessings from Mexico.

Comments for article: Merry Messy Christmas
Viridiana Yazmin Vazquez, Dec 29, 2008,
This is a great article that reminds us of what we should do as Christians in these times and in every moment… Congratulations, keep up the good work!

Comments for article: Lover of My Soul
Yvetta Hodges, Dec 26, 2008,
"Lover of My Soul" really blessed me! It wasn't hard for me to substitute 'me' as the subject. Thank you writing team for portraying Jesus to be so approachable, so full of love for me...

Comments for article: Testing and Tithing
Bob DuBose, 14, 2008,
Well, in the first place, on what basis would one attempt to distinguish between the OT and the Word of God? Such approach is flawed from the start. God gave it all, and Paul says, "All scripture is given by inspiration of God" (2 Tim. 3:16). In Matt. 23:23 Jesus commended the religious leaders for their tithing, while deploring their lack of mercy and faith. The tithe was to be given in gratitude for god's blessings, and for support of His work. Would either of these reasons apply in OT times only? Paul says in 1 Cor. 9:7-14, that those who preach the gospel should derive their livelihood from the gospel. Also in Heb. 7:5, Paul says that descendants of Levi, referring to those in priesthood in Paul's day, took tithes according to the law. Thus the law of tithing was still valid. Malachi 3:8, 9 states that withholding tithe is robbery of God. Would robbery in OT not still be robbery in NT? Is God changeable? He says He is not (Heb. 13:8). Tithing is based on eternal principles, which do not need to reenacted in every age. Their validity is assumed.

Comments for article: Testing and Tithing
fullertonchurch.com, Nov 5, 2008,
Where in the New Testament is tithing (10%) reaffirmed?

Comments for article: An Olympic Lesson
Pat williams, Dec 18, 2008,
I liked your site.

Comments for article: Family Thanksgiving
Eero Vahter, Dec 13, 2008,
We have Christmas celebration for inner-city people. It is 12.22.2008.  We ask that you pray that God saves, heals and renews a lot of people and that all go well. Lahti, Finland.

Comments for article: Wartime Christmas
Martha Ledbetter, Dec 13, 2008,
This story truly touched my heart!  Amazing too:  how Jesus brought to us the "Christmas tree" decorated with His blood? Won't that be neat, all the things that we see in heaven, if we are faithful? Just think: we may get to see those two German guards reunited with those two girls/women. "Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard what God has in store for those who love Him." Personally, I want to see Him when He is reunited with His mother-----. Thanks

Comments for article: A Beautiful Letdown
Frances Clemons, Dec 6, 2008,
Thank you for that beautiful article. It brought me to tears. You are a gifted, sensitive writer. May God continue to bless you.

Comments for article: A Beautiful Letdown
Sandra DeSouza, Dec 3, 2008,
Michael English has always been a favorite artist of mine, but I had lost track of him for a many years. I am so happy that you wrote this article, because it really expressed what I've felt, since recently reading his book, "The Prodigal Comes Home". He is truly an example of what God can do in your life when you put your trust in Him. He is always in my prayers.

Comments for article: Euthanasia
Gretchen Pike, Nov 29, 2008,
You should have discussed more thoroughly the question of if a person is known to be brain dead by an EEG, whether it is right to remove life support or not.

Comments for article: A Motorcycle Witness
Christina Patterson, Nov 23, 2008,
I do truly believe that God answers prayers and gives people a chance to live. The faith of the CMA through God gave this man a chance to live. God is awesome!

Comments for article: A Motorcycle Witness
stephanie chance, Nov 21, 2008,
this story was really touching, it made me realize that god makes things happen unexspectdly, and that even though you can not see it coming god has set you up to save someone weather they are your best friend or your your neighbor or even a person you don't know.

Comments for article: A Motorcycle Witness
Carlene Bonit, Nov 21, 2008,
I read your article and I am surprised, I never heard about CMA, I am a rider also. Can you tell me if there is a local chapter in my area. I am in Lehigh Acres, Florida.

Comments for article:A Motorcycle Witness
Howard J. Oliver, Nov 21, 2008,
This article brought tears to my eyes cause I relate to it. 2 years ago I was hit by a drunk driver while riding my Harley home from campmeeting. The police said I should be dead but I only had a broken pelvis and cuts and bruises. I thank the Lord for saving me and for healing this man in this article. The Lord truly is wonderful

Comments for article: A Motorcycle Witness
Virginia english, Nov 18, 2008,
The older I get and the more I experience the instant power of prayer in a success story told which happened just at the moment of prayer the more I have to say Halleluia! Amen! and Praise His Holy Name! Don't ever let yourself be tempted to feel insignificant. We are partners in Heavens Army and Soldiers with a cause!

Comments for article: Her Biggest Fear
Delah, Nov 13, 2008,
WOW i cant believe I'm actually commenting on here! WEll I liked this article. Humorous and at the same time teaching a valuable lesson to young people. [:

Comments for article: Euthanasia
Brianne, Nov 13, 2008,
I think that that was a really touching article. It was nice and it made it's point. You did a good job, and I think that you are right about what you said.

Comments for article: No Place to Go
Hardeep Sambasivam, Nov 13, 2008,
Praise the Lord. We need more of this and less of the heartlessness. Times are changing rapidly and I'm sure, like me, there are others who applaud this move. GOD bless.

Comments for article: Beauty In Friendship
ashley, Nov 12, 2008, 
I love your article. It's very true!!! very nice"}

Comments for article: Her Biggest Fear
ashley, Nov 10, 2008,
this is a very good article. i loved it because it can relate to alot of other kids starting in new school. good job on this article:}

Comments for article: Testing and Tithing
Keith Goodridge, Nov 7, 2008,
While reading your article on our church's website I was reminded of what I read in Leviticus during my bible studies, concerning tithes. In Leviticus 5:16 and repeated in 6:5 God tells us what we are to do if we fail to return the tithe and wish to make ammends. In these verses we are told that if we wish to redeem the tithe we are to return the tithe in addition to 20% (the 5th part). Is'nt it wonderful that God in His mercy provides a way for us to correct the wrong we may do? I just praise Him for His unending love for us! He genuinely wants us to be faithful. I have been our of work going on 5 months now and we are in desperate straits financially. I am tempted to use this as an excuse to withold His tithe and to not be as faithful in offerings, as I was when working, when the Lord uses fellow church members to help monetarily. Praise God He has given me the strength to continue to be faithful even in these trying circumstances. God certainly makes a way for us to continue to be faithful. I just wanted to share this with your readers to possibly help them see that there is no need to carry the guilt of robbing God if we fall in this area of stewardship. God Bless, Keith

Comments for article: A House Built on Sand
Angela, Nov 3, 2008,
I think character is a very important aspect of humanity but we are superficial beings who care about [what] people think before we reflect on the thoughts from God.

Comments for article: Testing and Tithing
Uzoma, Nov 1, 2008,
One of the deepest experiences of God's power other than prayers being answered in times of peril is the reward of tithing and giving offerings to the Lord. He has never failed to bless and provide as a result and I have witnessed many, many miracles as a result in my life and the lives of those whom I hold dear.. The reality is that when I have a serious need or request, I lay an offering in proportion to my need in addition to prayer and fasting... and it is not always money/material goods that can be tithed to the Lord or given in offering..

Comments for article: Testing and Tithing
Walter, Nov 1, 2008,
God blesses us according to our needs. When the economy is in a downturn, He will increase His blessings. It's a faith issue: Is God faithful to keep His promises, or isn't He?

Comments for article: A House Built on Sand
Kelvin Chifulumo, Nov 1, 2008,
Very much inspired.

Comments for article: Candle Lighting
Jordan, Oct 29, 2008,
I am glad to see you and your daughter doing activities together. My parents take no interest in doing spiritually
related activities at all. I think your first instincts about the type of music were right. God bless you and your family as you seek to do His will.

Comments for article: Testing and Tithing
Harry, Oct 29, 2008,
You are part way right in your thinking. We must pay 10% TITHE, but the Bible also says we rob GOD of offerings. You say test God and pay tithe. But if you do not test GOD with offerings also you will only receive 1/2 the blessings. Please re-read your BIBLE and the re-write you article and tell people the whole truth and not 1/2 the truth.

Comments for article: Testing and Tithing
William Beebe, Oct 27, 2008,
Is Tithe a Salvation issue?

Comments for article: Chasing the Dream
Brenda, Oct 22, 2008,
I'm thinking if you're like Jesus then Sammy's trying to tell you "this world out here isn't my home, I wanna be inside there with you!" so he runs away until he finds someone that looks like you to be with... :o)

Comments for article:  Si el Amor Pudiera Curar
Diana, Sept 28, 2008,
Excellent article.  It’s wonderful to know that from the experiences of daily life, we can find great applications for our spiritual lives.  Thank you for sharing those experiences with us.

Comments for article: Sea Mentor de un Adolescente
Rosie Ventura, July 3, 2008,
May God bless you.

Comments for article: Estad Quietos
esmirna, Mar 16, 2008,
I loved this article, although at times I’ve thought that many times we feel alone even though we are surrounded by a lot of people.  And it’s in those moments, we have to discover that only with Christ are we truly happy…I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me…walking with Christ makes everything better…So long =)

Comments for article: God, the Sparrow and You
Beverley Jones-Smith, Oct 11, 2008,
The story of the sparrow was explained so beautifuly, it added new meaning to my life...Thanks A Million.

Comments for article: Too Young?
Anonymous, Oct 9, 2008,
I have been married twice, still married to my second spouse, and both times they were escapes that turned into traps. This second marriage is a good one so I am working at it every day. But I don't think age has anything to do with it. My first marriage, I was a twenty-five year old who had waited to have sex until I was married. I cherished the ideal of marriage and had no other thought in my head but that marriage was for life. It was a tragic failure because, among other reasons, I chose the wrong partner. My sisters were both twenty when they married and they are both around thirty now. Their marriages are imperfect, as all are, but very strong. I believe the more appropriate approach to considering a partner is not age but maturity and general readiness for responsibility and sacrifice in all areas of life. God bless all of us in our search for a right partnership. I write this with grief in my heart, but also, as always, with hope.

Comments for article: The Tragic Nanny Ad
teresa satelmayer, Oct 9, 2008,
It seems to me like this mother's just looking for someone who knows how to laugh a little, and has realistic expectations about the job.

Comments for article: Prayer Doesn't Work
F.A.Y., Oct 2, 2008,
I truly love the comparison story "tatoos and scars". I always enjoy comparisons like that it makes me take life more seriously and my walk with God more focused. How can I get past articles from your website. This is the first time I saw such a website. Thanks for that!

Comments for article: "Things"
Bruce Schmidt, Sep 18, 2008
Amen. Well said. Thanks for the reminder.

Comments for article: Harvest
Monica Barnes, Sep 8, 2008,
This article was very encouraging to me. It was also very beautifully written. I love tangible examples that compare our practical living experiences to spiritual examples. I like the comparison to ripen fruit. This message is so clear about Jesus love. I guest because I am an artist/caterer. --Thank you, Monica Barnes

Comments for article: Poison in the Bottle
Linda Zeiner, RN, Sep 6, 2008,
I find this article seriously disturbing. Baby formulas are dangerous even without rat poison in them; perhaps we should be teaching young mothers how to protect their infants by breastfeeding. Feeding formula is NOT just as safe as giving formula. I realise that the point of the article was that the baby involved was saved from a horrific death due to rat poison. This story, however, never need have been written. When a mother truly cannot breastfeed, of course we are blessed to have baby formulas available. But in my opinion, a mother who cannot breastfeed should consider feeding her baby bottles as if she was actually nursing: that is, holding the infant herself, so that she is also performing other functions associated with breastfeeding. How do we think Mary fed the Baby Jesus? If she could not breastfeed, certainly she would have taken care to make sure that the Baby could not possibly come to harm due to improper preparation of His food. Respectfully submitted.

Comments for article: Bare Feet
Susan K., Sep 6, 2008,
This was such a good article and the author is right. There are so many books,commercials and shows, exercises, cosmetics and diets professing to have the 'right' information on how to stay young. All completely overlooking the fact that we are all the excact same people we were when we were children. Not much has changed inside. So much in life, such as the cares of the world, obliterate that youthfulness Being of service to our youth is an excellent way to tap into the youthful feelings and experiences we felt as children ourselves! Truly those that are in service to youth receive a much greater blessing than those they in service to!

Comments for article: The Fun of Being You
Beverly, Sep 1, 2008,
Very nice article. Quite encouraging. Much Thanks!

Comments for article: The Layoff
Ric Espana, Aug 30, 2008,
Thank you so much for the encouragement; we just had our first born and want Jane to stay home with Isabelle; we know God will provide as we adjust to the financial shift.

Comments for article: Graceful Floating
Monse Salazar, Aug 25, 2008,
Absolutly, beautiful!

Comments for article: Finding A Job
rhea, Aug 15, 2008,
Thanks for this faith-uplifting article! Just the right dose of medicine for my discouraging heart! Now I can say, Let God be God! Thanks

Comments for article: Quiet Time
Debi Damron, Aug 15, 2008,
Your article painted a peaceful scene that helped me relax & slow down as I read it. It is a powerful msg much needed in today's lifestyle. Awesome read!

Comments for article: Church Saves Life
Rizeh Hermie Grace Jabilles, Aug 12, 2008,
hopefully, God will answered my prayers that someday ther's a man can help me to achieve my dreams in life;to send me in an adventist school

Comments for article: Saving Your Strength
Kathe Mullen, Aug 12, 2008,
I am a safety consultant and often teach classes in safe lifting and body mechanics. I enjoyed your article "Saving Your Strength" and would like to use it in my classes. May I have your permission to print copies?

Comments for article: Restorative Justice
Susan Levtell, Aug 8, 2008,
Do you think men who hit and torture their wife and children deserve to be forgiven? I think you should move to another planet. People like that do not deserve to be given chancce after chance so that they can kill their wife and then say okay, sorry. Please forgive me. Give me a break!

Comments for article: I Have Seen Jesus
Cynthia Machner, Aug 8, 2008,
I have been unemployed since January 2007, and so I know how that person feels that wrote of her financial situation. Each day I wake up I have to tell the devil that I am going to walk with God no matter what. Even When it looks hopeless. I had to decide to stick with God.

Comments for article: What Do You Expect?
Cynthia Machner, Aug 8, 2008,
I want God to do great things through me today and every day. I have been studying with a lady and she introduced me to Ellen White's writings. I was stirred in my spirit like never before. I came to a balanced place in my life. Iam a Christian, but I had an unbalanced teaching about the cross and the personal sacrifice it took to serve God. Each time I had a trial, I fell into the trap of thinking that God did not love me, or he would not have allowed trials. I can see through Ellen White's writings that Jesus had trials and we are going to have them too. I know now that we must learn to fellowship with God in his sufferings if we expect to fellowship in the power of His ressurection. Every Wednesday the lady faithfully comes to teach my mom and me. I am amazed at what I have learned. I want to join the church and am looking forward to my speaking with the pastor.

Comments for article: Daddy, Don't Leave Me
Jeri, Aug 2, 2008,
I began to well up in my throat and then as I kept on reading the tears floated my eyes. Wow.

Comments for article: Daddy, Don't Leave Me
Bill Wiese, Jul 29, 2008,
That was a great story.

Comments for article: Daddy, Don't Leave Me
Jacqueline Josiah, Jul 29,
Thank you for this article. It is wonderful to know that my heavenly father will come again. God is not like man. He always keeps his promises. My prayer is that I will be faithful so that I can be in that great number. I wish the same for you.

Comments for article: Daddy, Don't Leave Me
Ann Scott-Mills, Jul 26, 2008,
This was such and encouraging and profound message. I simply must share it with everyone I know, especially the children. They can certainly relate to the separation of a parent. Therefore, this analogy to the awesome love of GOD, is perfect for them to understand both the Love and the Promise that JESUS made to us.

Comments for article: Misunderstood
Dean States, Jul 24, 2008,
Funny how things happen i just read an e-mail from someone in Texas about 3abn beign cleared of tax evasion and the I read this artical of yours and it made me think about how Satan has so much of this world wrapped around His finger and makes so much of God's world & people look bad or ugly as a weed but as you described that weed was beautiful, and as God's children we are just the same, when Christ is dwelling in us we are beautiful also.

Comments for article: Of Hope and Healing
Beverly Joubert, Jul 17, 2008,
Thank you for sharing. This is a tough experience to have to go through more than once. I had two miscarriages one after the other and it took me a long time to process. Keep on looking up - Jesus will continue to strengthen and uphold you. He does have a plan for you and your family. Keep trusting Him.

Comments for article: Of Hope and Healing
Janine, Jul 16, 2008,
Hey Erika, My heart goes out to you! I had no idea you were going through all this. I'm claiming these promises for you: I will be glad and rejoice in Your love, O God, for You saw my affliction and knew the anguish of my soul. You have not handed me over to the enemy but set my feet in a spacious place. (Ps. 31:7-8) Lord God, help me presently believe, then one day see, that my present sufferings cannot be compared to the glory that You will reveal to me. (Rom. 8:18) God of hope, please fill me with all the joy and peace as I trust in You, so that I may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. (Rom. 15:13) Blessings to you and your sweet little one who will arrive in God's perfect timing : )

Comments for article: Of Hope and Healing
Vicki, Jul 16, 2008,
I know just how you feal! April was 2 years since we lost twins. It still is a soft spot after i had my d&c I felt so hurt alone so let down we wanted a child so bad but i was scared to get preagnet again i didn't ever wanna' feel that hurt again! but 2 mounths later i was preagnet again. I was so scrared the whole time! I started bleeding at 14 weeks & was put in the hospital but he was o.k. then I went into preterm labor at 26 weeks but they were able to stop labor. so at 36 weeks i had Waylon Thomas 8lbs. 2oz. he was perfect now he is 15 mths. and i can't imagion my life without him. How he has turned us into a family. My oldest is 4. And i am now 13 weeks prgeanet AGAIN! And i'm scared but i have to prey and know no matter what we DON'T question God. He has the master plan!!!!!!!!

Comments for article: Of Hope and Healing
Erinn, Jul 15, 2008,
Great thoughts Erika! God's timing is perfect in an imperfect world! I know you will again be blessed with a baby. Thanks for sharing! What an inspiration! Love you!

Comments for article: I Have Seen Jesus
Albert Kemoh, Jul 14, 2008,
Thank God I read this article. I feel relieved somehow. Please keep praying for me to stop being self-centered. I want God's name to be glorified rather than focusing on my financial plight. It depresses me when I cannot earn an income. No job, and I keep making research upon research but with no result, for lack of initial investment. I need patience with the Lord.

Comments for article: Chicanery of Chic
Becky Dombroski, Jul 14, 2008,
I enjoyed your article regarding chic. What you say is very true. I particularly liked what you said about being God's fool is the path to true wisdom. I will use this in my Sabbath School. Thanks very much. Becky D.

Comments for article: His Masterpiece
Mary Lou Rose, Jul 13, 2008,
I really didn't know that God needs us. I know we need Him He loves us & wants us.He needs our help in wittnessing.AMEN...

Comments for article: Great and Terrible Day
Christina Loshaw, Jul 11, 2008,
these stories are so great and I just want to say thank you for having them and sharing them on line. may God bless you all, and let us all look forward to when he finally comes to take us home with him. what a glorious day that will be.

Comments for article: His Masterpiece
Duane Smith, Jul 8, 2008,
I like this article about God loving us. It reminds me of Psalm 46:10 where God tells us"Be still and know I am God" That is a great invitation to take a time out and get to know Him better. My wife and I are members of Genesee Park SDA Church, Rochester, NY

Comments for article: A Young Voice
Silvia Saldana, Jul 4, 2008,
Wow, Its 4th of July tonight, I'm visiting my son and non-Christian family and was having a hard time getting the courage to ask if I can take my 3yr old granddaughter to sabbath school tommorrow morning. After reading how young a child can "hear" God's voice, I'm going to at least give it a try; please pray that my son will come back to his "roots" of SDA Christian upbringing;how well he used to hear the voice of God and now never even mentions God and his children and wife don't know God at all. Thanks for sharing this special story.

Comments for article: Sin or Entertainment?
Dennis Miller, Jul 3, 2008,
Remember Philippians 4:8,9 which says: whatever is true, noble, right,pure,lovely,admirable,excellent, or praiseworthy-think about these things. It is a constant battle. And we seek to do those things that please Him, not because He demands it but because He deserves it. If we constantly look at or behold things which are evil or "not good" we will be changed and become just like the addict from drugs, alcohol, fornication, etc. We will crave more and more until we are consumed or destroyed by the thing that we crave. Not so by beholding God. Romans 2:4 says that by beholding the goodness or kindness of God leads one to repentance which is a glorious experience that brings healing to us. God is not willing that any should perish but that all should see His goodness and experience repentance which is a prerequisite to life everlasting. If one's mind is constantly "in the gutter" one will be washed down the drain with all the rubbish. Jesus came to show the world, fallen and un-fallen, what God is truly like (John 17:3-5). When He had glorified God, which is to be other-centered, then God exalted Him (glorified Jesus) above all that is in heaven or earth. That is what He wants to do to us as well. Go to www.lbm.org and listen online to messages about God. Lift Him up and He will lift your mind and your body up as well. Amen?

Comments for article: Biblical Sayings?
JOE BRYANT, Jun 22, 2008,

Comments for article: On the Road
Deborah James, Jun 18, 2008,
Awesome write up

Comments for article: Perfect Painting
Brenda, Jun 17, 2008,
This is so beautiful, I read it over and over it really touched my heart and gave me Jesus bumps. Because I am artist too. I also sent it to my friend that was adopted and another that just adopted a beautifull dark little girl. Thank you so much, May God bless your work

Comments for article: Two are Better
Bing, Jun 13, 2008,
exacly,thats how ive feel,being alone is not easy,or comforting someone is very hard iether,coz we dont know exactly how does it feel,like what happened with me.im 40 and yet alone.somtimes i wonder why,..where did i came from,..as far as i know as what the bible says we are taken from the left ribs of men so we are bound to be love and taking care of.yes,as i remember only one courting me when i was still 17yrs old,but he was left for study at mountain view college and we dont have communication anymore.at the age of 20 lost my virginity with someone i love but hes not deserving coz he left with me to onother women.coz im not yet ready for commitment that time.till now im still alone.at 30 ive meet someone but he!s alreay engage.being alone is not really easy as human,there wer times that i need someone to talk to,but...nothing could..hope with your article i can find adams in my life so i cant be lonely for that rest of my life.thanks and may god bless you.

Comments for article: Really Living
beverly de gracia, Jun 11, 2008,
Hi. Thanks for seing me the reality in life, ive learned so much about your insights, trully life is what we are living right now. God bless

Comments for article: Suffering 101
Troy, Jun 9, 2008,
I quickly read through this article. But, I understand the main idea. "Suffering", I am a sufferer. Some of my suffering, I had no control over. But there are some situation which I got my self into that is causing my suffering. When my father died that was a form of suffering. knowing that I am not able to talk and reason with my father any more. That hurt my heart and my mind. Then, to make it even worse, my very mother passed away also the next year. These suffering, I have no control over. But getting a girl pregnant out of wedlock I had control over. Getting married to a completely different woman after the child' birth I had control over. You see when I go outside the will of Christ and get involved in sins and things that I know I ought not to the result is suffering. The church punishes you. You lose focus of your mission and dreams, that is suffering. But, I farther understand what the article was about. It is suffering for Christ' sake. When, I first began to read and study the scripture by my self. I changed my friends could not understand why I was not as hasty to sex or drugs or material things anymore. I just became interested more in the word of God and set out on a personal mission to follow christ. And most of the things christ stands for is against what this world craves.

Comments for article: A Drink of Reality
Paul, Jun 7, 2008,
Spiritual issues for sure should be before hand above all.Thank you my brother for the story surely openend an inner silent spiritual eye.

Comments for article: Spiritual Attitude
Gene Webster, Jun 6, 2008,
Thank you for your thoughts on praying without ceasing. I believe that the continual attitude of prayer reveals our complete dependence upon Jesus to get through every moment of the day. This attitude is a sign that we have truly experienced being "born again". One of the first things Jesus said after being resurrected was "I am ascending to My Father and your Father." Imagine the joy He felt in telling Mary Magdalene (and you and I) that it is now her privilege (and ours) to be called His brothers and sisters, sons and daughters of God. We can now pray to the Father every moment just as He did. Praise God!

Comments for article: Dad's Affirmation
Sandra, Jun 1, 2008,
That was a great article. I enjoyed it.

Comments for article: A Drink of Reality
Margaret, May 31, 2008,
What if the person that was hurt is a member of your family and they now choose to seperate themselves from the church? It does hurt them-but they figure if they're not christian enough to apologize, etc . . .I can just worship and study on my own.

Comments for article: A Drink of Reality
D. L. Jones, May 31, 2008,
Thank you for your story. Hebrews 12:1 will be my Word for the week as I needed this very badly. I am stationed in Iraq and there is a huge spiritual battle going on as well. God is so good. 


Comments for article: A Drink of Reality
Name Withheld, May 31, 2008,
It's wise not to give up on fellow believers, but I've also experienced harms and hurts that lie deep. God can heal anything, but as a church there is responsibility we should take for certain ills that we love to ignore and evade by telling those affected to look to God, or forgive while we consistently harm or allow others to harm them. I've experienced a situation that impacted my life in a very negative way. It's taken years of Christian therapy to regain my spiritual, emotional and psychological equilibrium. The whole experience opened to me a deeper more authentic relationship with God. The good thing is that I'm learning to trust God's unwavering justice. The investigative judgement gives me hope instead of fear that it used to hold over me. I've learned to pray for those who have harmed me and I don't attend any SDA church regularly. The reality is that I haven't given up on God but my own abilities and strengths His Spirit must help me channel in positive ways. I now know in a practical way that the Spirit must do this for others also. Many SDA's would say that I have to be around them, think as they do, act as they do, love who those they love, hate those they hate, feel as they do, look as they look in order to be sincere. Of course, these words are never spoken but actions are clear when I arrive at the door of the church. I'm glad I serve a God Who knows the deep down stuff, and encourages in me authenticity borne of His Spirit.

Comments for article: When God Says, "No"
Mitch Bane, May 31, 2008,
Very perceptive and well written - wisdom from on High!

Comments for article: Sin or Entertainment?
Gwen Simmons, May 29, 2008,
Excellent article!! Thank you for sharing the key to finding our entertainment compass. How can we be entertained by the very things that Jesus died for? Well said.

Comments for article: "Know-It-All" Person
Cruz, May 28, 2008,
I don't have children of my own, but do have a niece who just has lived with us on and off. These are great tips. http://kingsview.wordpress.com

Comments for article: A Drink of Reality
Barb Johnson, May 28, 2008,
This is an interesting article. I do not see how the physical relates to the spiritual. I also do not know why I need to go to a Catholic Priest to get an answer to an Adventist question. I think we need to "throw off" all execess weight, physical and spiritual; problems should be resolved if they can.

Comments for article: When God Says, "No"
Barbara Johnson, May 28, 2008,
I liked the article.

Comments for article: A Drink of Reality
samantha, May 27, 2008,
we hpe that the true God touches the christians in your church. I know of a famly that has really discouraged 'on the fence' christians from coming to your church because they constantly speak as if they own heaven. Pray for us all.

Comments for article: When God Says, "No"
Kevin, May 21, 2008,
I was recently due to come and live in Canada. At the end of last year i got my breakthrough when my lawyers secured a job offer for me and that would mean i would be in Canada in 6 moths. The immigration authories got back and had only one problem, my proposed employer was offering to little, all he had to do was increase my wage a bit and i would have the visa, he refused and everything fell through. We are know at stage one again, all the hope, planning seems in vain, i know feel emarassed when people ask me about my plans to come to Canada. how much can one take, all things work for good but for how long do i believe this, am i just bluffing myself.

Comments for article: When God Says, "No"
Christine Haye, May 20, 2008,
This was a lovely note and i was bless. Please continue to do the good job of enlightening the hearts of your reader. May God bless you.

Comments for article: Boots and the Devil
Gwendolyn Simon, May 20, 2008,
This short, but eye opening story about Boots, the black cat was a reminder that, we as Christians must watch and pray without ceasing. Thanks for the reminder.

Comments for article: "Hands-only" CPR
Jean Sabin, May 18, 2008,
I am an American Red Cross Certified Trainer. I found this article is very help full for church member. Please provide more in formation of this kind, so more people can get the good benefits

Comments for article: Boots and the Devil
Ange Namelo, May 17, 2008,
I enjoyed your article it is a great reminder for me. Thank you.

Comments for article: Boots and the Devil
Patsy coleman, May 17, 2008,
My Husband and Myself went to your Church a couple of weeks ago and we was really inpressed with the way ya done things. I have been trying to get my husband to change Churches from cartersville to Hiram. but i havent quite yet succeded. I just wanted to say you have a wonderful Church.

Comments for article: The Greatest of These
Marcia Fuller, May 14, 2008,
This is so touching, surely sometimes it takes a child to bring us to our senses and to sense God's need in our lives.

Comments for article: Lessons From Mom
Dave Snyder, May 10, 2008,
Great to have this for Mothers Day weekend.. Great message.

Comments for article: “Bread of Life”
Edgar Alquinta, May 9, 2008,
I loved your description of "pan amasado" from Chile! What a great application for a beautiful Bible truth. Edgar Alquinta (Chileno)

Comments for article:
Heaven 101
Gene Webster, May 7, 2008,
I was discouraged this evening as I prepared to go to bed. I decided to read a few articles from our church website before shutting the computer down. "Heaven 101" and "Holy Ground", both from Grace Notes, seemed like messages from God sent to cheer me up. Thank you.

Comments for article: Vegans and Calcium
winston craig, Apr 29, 2008,
The impression is given that all vegans get plenty of calcium. Research shows otherwise. Without sufficient calcium, risk of bone fracture is substantially elevated. Many studies have shown this to be the case. Vegans can get high levels of calcium if they make exceptional choices but many do not.

Comments for article: About Half Dead
Jane gerndt, Apr 28, 2008,
Hi! My daughter and son in law visited your church this past Sabbath and a younger man made them feel welcome. Thank you.

Comments for article: Sin or Entertainment?
Birger Draget, Pastor, Kansas-Nebraska Conference, Apr 26, 2008,
I so much appreciate your decision not to debate rules and guidelines with respect to entertainment. That would have been an endeavor destined for failure, since we are experts at rationalizing in favor of whatever our hearts desire. Ever since I discovered God's grace in all its beauty, nothing satisfies my soul except wanting to align myself with the values of His kingdom. Thank you for the simplicity of your "all-heart" approach!

Comments for article: Holy Spirit "Top 10"
Dennis, Apr 25, 2008,
How do we know we have the Holy Spirit Gift?

Comments for article: About Half Dead
Stuart Dixon, Apr 25, 2008,
Just noticing people can make a life or death difference in their lives. God is interested in the little things as they add up to the big things.

Comments for article: The Fun of Being You
Beverley, Apr 25, 2008,
Hi there, praise the Lord, praise the Lord. this article came just in time for me and spoke to the depths of my heart. Indeed as Willy Amos wrote"we should not give up on our calling and wish we could be like somebody else." That has blessed my heart along with your story. That's the encouragement that I needed. God bless.

Comments for article: Stroke Symptoms
Diane, Apr 20, 2008,
I read your article, and I did enjoy reading it.

Comments for article: About Half Dead
Sparky, Apr 20, 2008,
i know the feeling of the half dead thing. it is so hard, i just wish my problem was related to waking up to snow and ice. i feel that way about dialysis. i have been on it for nearly 3 years. even as i write this i will have to go in tomorrow morning. i am thankful that it is no worse than it is but would very much like God to make it better.

Comments for article: Just Pray
merline paul, Apr 19, 2008,
Thank you for that encourgement, that tells me prayer changes everything.You just add more faith to the little that I have, knowing that God still works. I'm home today because i had a problem with my husband, but when i read your article i felt better. thank you. just pray

Comments for article: My First Date
Charlie Jones, Apr 17, 2008,
Whoa whoa whoa there. Hang back for just a second. In responce to your first rule of thumb, I always thought that the point of going on a date was to get to know someone to determine if the two people were meant to be married? Following that logic, wouldn't you already know your best friend that well, and could already determine if they should/could be your life partner?

Comments for article: Rough Rock
Annie, Apr 15, 2008,
This article is so real. Stories like this continue to help me see just how far I am from Christ's ideal; for I too lose it sometimes. I am not the kind, thoughtful, compassionate, etc., saint that I'm striving to be by God's grace. I do know though that God is not through with me yet. Nor is he through with the writer. Thanks so much.

Comments for article: Of More Value
Robyn, Apr 15, 2008,
Thank you so much for the deer article. I have been going thru baptism studies here in our small church in Central Illinois and am always searching my heart for wisdom such as yours. I was born into the Adventist church but grew away from it for many years. Now at the ripe old age of 52 I am finally on the path to baptism, which I hope to accomplish before my 53rd bday in June!!! I, too, have always known in my head that this was always the "right" way, but it wasn't until this year that my heart started to open to God and all His glory. So I thank you for putting a little more on my heart. Why is a lady from Central, Ill. writing--well, I reached u thru the Missoula SDA web site (my brother recently took over operations at the Lolo Hot Springs Resort and one day I hope to join him out there & I keep praying that he, too, will return to the Adventist church and accept Christ in his life (as this was how he was raised also). So, again, thank you for your heart-warming story & once again putting a little of God's love on this old, hardened heart!!!!

Comments for article: The Language of Grief
Maribel, Apr 15, 2008,
Thank you...for this inspiring article. I recently moved here from Florida and found myself feeling "segregated". But your article reminded me of how wonderful it will be in heaven, when language and culture will not be a barrier! I have met so many lovely people here in Tennessee who are gracefully accepting the diversity of cultures, and welcoming them with open arms. I encourage all our bretherns to embrace diversity here on earth as it will be just the begining of what heaven will be like! God Bless!

Comments for article: Noise Stress
Daniel Scarbrough, Apr 12, 2008,
I can relate very well to this article. As I was reading it, and yet as I respond, my ears are assaulted by by a banging hammer, screaming adult females, unruly children, freight trains, honking cars, loud music (boom-boom), and loud car exhaust. All on what would have otherwise been a nice quiet peaceful Sabbath day. That is just life in a world of sin. At times like these one must emplement the coping skills taught in the bible. Thank You D. Scarbrough

Comments for article: The Language of Grief
John Gorveatt, Apr 8, 2008,
I have been to a number of Blackfoot funerals and you are right,the sounds of grief are all the same except when those greiving don't know what happens to a loved one...Where eould we go if not for the lord....A number of these people are lost in their direction and many first nations funeral are followed weeks or months with suicides ofrelatives and friends that can no longer cope....Are we reaching out as a church and individuals to share Go's love and purpose, His promises????

Comments for article: Miserable Marriage
S., Apr 6, 2008,
My husband has never hit me physically, but emotionally. I am a traumatized woman with all the dreams lost. I am afraid of doing something to keep this marriage. I want find God for my own peace, not for relation it self. I know it would be better to discover a new beginning,b ut I do not trust people anymore. I hope I can believe on God.

Comments for article: Just Pray
Angie, Apr 5, 2008,

Comments for article: Day by Day
Barbara Williams, Apr 4, 2008,
I am sitting here at work in the United Kingdom. I have just read your words of encourgement and I just wanted to say Praise the Lord for spirit filled christians all over the world. This the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.

Comments for article: Just Pray
Gene Webster, Apr 1, 2008,
This was an especially good story because so many of us can relate to the part about "little faith." So it's a boost to my faith too. Maybe the title should have been that 5-word sentence near the end of the third paragraph: "I could hardly believe it!"

Comments for article: Life or Death Matters
Mi Hewitt, Mar 31, 2008,
Help me accept God into my life as other members of my family have.

Comments for article: Enjoying the Ride
Danni K. Kanamu, Mar 30, 2008,
"Amen, savoring the moment, and slowing down the pace is the most effective way to enjoy the ride. Especially with Christ!"

Comments for article: God on a Leash
Dave Payne, Mar 29, 2008,
I am the secretary and a praise leader at the Beaverton SDA Church in Beaverton, Oregon. I come to the Start Up website from time to time and I want to thank you so much for this very timely article. It seems like an above average number of folks at our church, including my wife and I, are going through difficult times right now. However, as your article says, Darlene and I have chosen to, and advise others to, "embrace" this time and we are looking forward to seeing what God has in store. There is nothing like the peace and hope that comes from our relationship with our God and Savior. Please pray with us that our relationship with God and our love for Him will grow much stronger and much more intimate as we go through this time and after. Thank you again. 

Comments for article: God on a Leash
don howell, Mar 29, 2008,
First going for a walk is as bad for you as smoking a cigarette. Second God gives us freedom and leadership. Restoration gives us back the freedom lost to satin in eden. The usa in its beginning recognized many of those rights. We are sons of God.

Comments for article: Life or Death Matters
john miller, Mar 29, 2008,
i thought easter was a PAGAN holiday the easter rabbit is a symbol for fruitable.why do sda's go along with the world on pagan holidays,thank you in advance for your reply

Comments for article: Be a Thermostat
Steven, Mar 28, 2008,
I liked the contrasting metaphors of this article that helped me better understand God's mission for my life.

Comments for article: Life or Death Matters
Daniel, Mar 24, 2008,
Why should you mourn for the dead? They are but asleep. And Why do you use the Catholic bible aka the niv?

Comments for article: God's To-Do List
Georgette, Mar 21, 2008,
Thank you so much for reminding me of the most important to-do-list, the ten commandments. This was well thought out and presented. Most sincerely thanks. Georgette Hendree Walls, MS

Comments for article:
Wise Investments
William D. Tallmadge, Mar 17, 2008,
Amen. If we do not invest in our faith in God, and what His Son did for us then all is lost. Second, marriage and family are investments for which the return is exponential.

Comments for article: God's To-Do List
Joy Hercules, Mar 17, 2008,
I really enjoyed this article. I especially like its comparison of the relationships between earthly children and parents as well as spiritual children and parent. God has given us our to-do-list but we often wonder around wondering about we ought to be doing. Just read and and respond to his to-do-list.

Comments for article: Pray for Small Things
Rodney L Carthans, Mar 15, 2008,
Amen to that article. Luke 16:10 comes to mind here. We need prayer/faith in the small things which prepare us for the large things. As a Technology professional, I'm reminded often how much I have to depend on God to find the proverbial needle in the haystack with respect to trouble-shooting problems in the IT field. Some solutions are simple fixes, but other solutions are complex fixes. Without the aid/guidance of the Holy Spirit, even the simple things can become baffling in field which seems to evolve toward the complex. "knowledge shall be increased" said the prophet, but thank God our knowledge, wisdom and understanding in things spiritual will also increase. Thank God for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Jesus sums it all up best when he said: "without me ye can do nothing." John 15:5

Comments for article: Pray for Small Things
Leslie Michael, Mar 13, 2008,
I love your writing. That was brilliant. Bravo! May God watch over you. Cheerio.

Comments for article: Parental Arithmetic
Ardis McPherson, Mar 8, 2008,
May I copy this article, or obtain a copy somehow? I work at a Mission Hospital in Belize, Central America. Thanks

Comments for article: Leaving a Legacy
pam cross, Mar 8, 2008,
I visit your church with my daughter occasionally and know there are many children who really are in need of the gift of quality time! Someone who can take them to the park and give mama a "break" at home with the baby!

Comments for article: Parental Arithmetic
Ardis McPherson, Mar 8, 2008,
May I copy this article, or obtain a copy somehow? I work at a Mission Hospital in Belize, Central America. Thanks

Comments for article: Old Oak and Ice Storm
Ernie Williamson, Mar 7, 2008, When I read the first paragraph I thought, "You've got to be kidding me?" but as I kept reading, I found myself being edified and blessed by your inspired insight. God's creation are great teachers, aren't they? May God continue to bless your ministry.

Comments for article: Dirty Dreams
Citizen, Mar 4, 2008,
I would like to comment on your reply. Yes part of our previous lifestyles, before we came to Christ, can interfere in our new life. However "dirty dreams" are part of a normal, healthy life. God created sex, and not just for procreation, but for our pleasure. Thinking about it, and dreaming about it is part of going through puberty. Acting on those feelings, before we are married, is where the sin comes in. When we tell young people that having these thoughts and dreams are bad you're telling them that they are doing something wrong that they can't control. And this gives them guilt, and makes them feel dirty, and can damage their self-worth. I agree with a lot of what you said, I just wish you had said that it's normal to have these dreams, and that it's not bad, but to try to think about other things and to save acting on those dreams till marriage.

Comments for article: Prayer-Mail
Joseph, Mar 2, 2008,
Please pray for me.I am adventist theology student who is on the cross road due to lack of fees.Kindly remember me in your prayers.

Comments for article: Leaving a Legacy
Shelley, Feb 28, 2008,
what a beautiful story.

Comments for article: Prayer-Mail
DS, Feb 28, 2008,
Even though in theory, I know that God knows what is best, that is sometimes what I fear the most - what His answer might be to my prayers or others' prayers on my behalf. I am taking a comps exam that I must pass in order to complete my program otherwise I am done; I will be expelled from the university. Essentially, my academic career is over. Many are praying and I have been working feverishly on this rewrite (I only get one chance - the first submission was substandard). Now this is the scenario that I fear the most - After all these prayers of others and myself coupled with all of my best efforts, I don't pass the exam anyway. And God just may allow that to happen; it cannot be ruled out. Again, theoretically, I know that God works out everything for good (Romans 8:28). So, how do I handle these fears in light of the article? Please keep this matter private; don't publish it on the Web or any other pubic source. Thank you very much.

Comments for article: Home Sweet Home
M. Crawford, Feb 21, 2008,
I enjoyed the article. I recently moved almost a year ago to Vegas to be near my parents and sister who relocated here. It has been a hard adjustment. I believe it is the Vegas lifestyle and my family aren't SDA. I feel myself constantly being pulled away from my beliefs. Your article gave me hope in God's Plan for my life.

Comments for article: Centering Prayer
Curtis Perkilns, Feb 15, 2008,
Is the term "centering prayer" the Catholic version of "Contemplative Prayer." From what I've read this is what I understand.

Comments for article: Have a Heart Like God
Kevin Croskey, Feb 10, 2008,
Paul said if any man be in christ Jesus he is a new creature old things have past away. All things have become new. That includes are attitudes.

Comments for article: God Made Butterflies
Letty Martinez, Feb 9, 2008,
When I hear about stories like this one it just reassures me of how our wonderful Father is watching over us. Sometimes we feel alone or anxious about things and when we finally stop and "Listen" we can hear God telling us to "Relax" He's got His Own Plan. We truly serve a Magnificant God!

Comments for article: My Valentine, Melvin
Ashely D, Feb 3, 2008,
Say the boy is Antoino ( i love him) or Jonathan(i love him too) i would not have a problem because they would save me from a danger (do not tell my classmates that i love Antoio and Jonathan) thanks love Ashely Delande

Comments for article: Gone Fishin'
Bob Wohlers, Feb 2, 2008,
Gen 1:27 - So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them. KJV Jesus said He will make us fishers of men. It offends me that we follow the worldly guidelines of political correctness rather than the word of God MAN = male and female women as in womens movement means from the man. So by saying I am woman you are admitting the fact that God created you from the male man. fisherperson, chairperson, policeperson, fireperson, all fit nicely into the scheme of things. I personally will stick with God's way. God created man in his image. Both male and female. Fisherman celebrates God's ultimate act of creation and also validates the great commission. Go Tell

Comments for article: Right-handed Giving
Hazel Miller, Feb 1, 2008,
This article brought tears to my eyes and filled my heart with such peace.Thank you for sharing.

Comments for article: Gone Fishin'
Kirk Shea, Jan 31, 2008,
You notice to that Jesua had them fish in an area that they never fished in. He took them out of their "comfort" zone. Taught them that all "waters" are "fishable" when He is in the boat with us. Sometimes our preconceived notions,prejudices,and our comfort zone keeps us from fishing in deeper waters. Thank-you for your article.

Comments for article: El Sobre de Dios
Marilyn, Jan 25, 2008
What a beautiful story on the trustworthiness of God and of his gracious hand that he always extends towards His children that trust and wait on him. Thank you very much for those encouraging messages. I really needed them.

Comments for article:
Fleece Drenching
Lois Moore, Jan 20, 2008,
At least this story started out honestly "dry." It seems that the only stories that get printed are the ones that "end happily." What happens when week after week, month after month, sometimes years go by with no "wetting of the fleece"? I answer prayer requests for Bibleinfo.com, and some of the requests are heart-wrenching. People have been jobless for literally one or 2 years. What can we say to them? I don't doubt God. He has been very good to me. I still have some "fleeces" out waiting for some dew. But I live in a comfortable home, and have all that is needed, and more. I feel guilty writing to the pray requesters, quoting them Bible promises, when their ground is so very dry. I believe what I, what all of us need, is the downpouring latter rain of the Holy Spirit. We need to get done here so we can go Home!

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