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Led by a Little Child
Photo: Gergo Orban
We've all probably heard the Bible phrase, "A little child shall lead them" (Isaiah 11:6). It has been rolling around in my mind a lot lately.

I'm the leader of a new children's ministry in our church called The Sonshine Club. It's kind of an ongoing Vacation Bible School program, and my co-director and I are having a great time with these little ones. Most of the children who attend the Sonshine Club have parents who take good care of them, but who don't attend church anywhere regularly. So, I have held in the back of my mind the hope that these enthusiastic kids will eventually come to church with us and, in time, will bring their parents along too. I have thought to myself, A little child will lead them.

Recently, however, that phrase took on a little different perspective in my mind. And very unexpectedly, I must say. One of the children, Brook, decided she would enjoy going to church with us in addition to the Sonshine Club. I was so excited! It was happening! She was coming to church, and then she would invite her parents. And she, being the little child, would lead them. Perfect!

When I was taking her home from church, however, I discovered that I had been only half right. I was right about the little child. But I was wrong about who she would be leading. As we drove by her friend's house on the way home, I said, “Maybe Hailey can come to church next time.” What I meant, of course, was that Brook should invite Hailey. But Brook looked at Hailey's house, looked at me, and answered, “Well, she's in her yard right now with her dad. Why don't you ask her dad?”

Oh. Well, that wasn't a half bad idea, but I stammered just a little anyway. “Yes, well, maybe I'll drive by their house after I let you off and if they're out there, I'll mention it.”

Ask Them Now

“You could turn around in someone's driveway and go ask them now,” she said.

“Well, I'll go by on my way back,” I repeated.

Once again, Brook looked at her friend's house and looked at me. “The whole family is out in the yard now. You should ask her parents.”

There was no way I could not stop by that house now. “I will,” I promised.

And I did. I pulled up to the curb of Hailey's house and rolled down the window where I was greeted by her very friendly parents. They agreed that Hailey could go to church with us the next week and that was that.

Hmmm...that wasn't so hard, I thought. And why should it be? I really had to ponder that point for a while, and to tell you the truth, I'm still pondering it. Why was it harder for me to stop and ask than it was for a little girl who had been to church one time? I'm not sure. But I know I gained a renewed enthusiasm to share my faith. And I was the one led by a little child.

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