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The Gardener
Photo: Dennis Sabo
In the rugged highlands of Switzerland, close by a mirror lake and far from any beaten path, a hiker chanced to come upon a beautiful estate. The caretaker showed him around the flower-filled gardens.

“Is your master here the year round?” the hiker inquired.

“No, he is away,” the gardener answered.

“How long has he been gone?”

“About twenty years now,” the caretaker replied.

“I suppose you hear from him often,” the hiker continued.

“No, he hasn’t come by or written me even once.”

“So who comes to oversee things?”

“It’s seldom that anyone shows up around here,” the caretaker replied.

“And still you keep the estate in perfect order!”

“Yes, sir, I keep everything as though my master were coming today.”

If in these uncertain times you and I apply the gardener’s principle to the cultivation of the little plot of spiritual ground God has entrusted to us, we will certainly be ready when our Master calls us home.

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By C.L. Paddock. Reprinted with persmission from Signs of the TimesAugust 2008. Copyright © 2009 by GraceNotes. All rights reserved. Use of this material is subject to usage guidelines.

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