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Nurturing Mothers
Photo: Nikolay Mamluke
My son wrote a song a few months ago called “Time Passes By” which lamented the passing seasons of life. As Mark and I are about to have an empty nest, I tend to hear the words to that song echo through my mind now and then. Our daughter got married just over a year ago, and in March our son will be married too.

Of course, extending the family is a wonderful thing, and I’m happy for it, but I’m wondering with many other mothers at this phase what I’m going to do now. I’m grateful to continue my journey with Mark, and I know that we will continue to experience cherished times together as we always have. But how do we moms transition from daily hands-on mothering to mothering from afar?

One way, of course, is to keep in contact, and with e-mail, text messaging, cell phones, and even good old snail mail, it is easier to stay in touch than ever before. Our daughter likes e-mail, our son likes text-messaging, they both like the phone, and I like any method that keeps us connected. Still, I believe there is a need in all mothers to continue hands-on mothering in some form. Whether it is leading a children’s group at church, volunteering to read to kids at the library, mentoring troubled teens, or heading up the youth social committee, it is necessary to be involved in helping kids grow.

Women Need to Nuture

Enter… mothers of Israel! Women need to nurture. Whether we are mothers, teachers, doctors, or neighbors, we have an innate need and calling to nurture, and we can use these maternal gifts to not only continue to nurture our own grown children, but to nurture the needs of other peoples’ children too. The Mothers of Israel in the Old Testament were spiritual women who mothered the whole group.

Recently, I started leading a children’s group called the Sonshine Club. This has been refreshing to me as it has given me a chance to revisit those precious times when my own children were meeting Jesus, and also to extend that experience to benefit today’s children. And there is a great need for children today to meet Jesus! If you are wondering what your next phase will be as a mother, consider your role as a mother of Israel. There are many children who still need your care.

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