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Make Room for God
Photo: Lorena Molinari
The other day, I was cleaning out some old boxes of books from when I was a teenager. I had not gone through them in years. I had forgotten many of the titles. You see, when I was a teenager, I was fascinated with the occult and creepy, spine chilling stories.

In fact these are just the kind of books I refuse to let my own children read. Looking back on those years, I realize how easily I could have taken the path of witchcraft because of my fascination. I am thankful that I put those things aside in favor of a relationship with Jesus.

Time to Clean House

Recently, we were headed out of town on a short vacation. My husband, who always double checks and triple checks to be sure the house is secure before we go anywhere, had commented to me, "How can we ask God to protect our home and expect Him to do so, when we have things in our house which are not pleasing to the Lord?"

I sat in the passenger seat stunned, as I had never thought about that before. So, the day I was cleaning out the boxs, I immediately grabbed a large plastic bag, dumped the dark books inside and hauled it out to the trash bin.

How many movies, books, magazines, computer games, or video games do you have in your own home that you know would not glorify God? I made a commitment to sweep sin of every form out of my house. Whether it be that really "good" war film that has an inspiring story but a few too many bad words, or a novel that promotes promiscuous living, or your son's video games where the "good guy" gets to shoot up the "bad guy," it probably doesn't have a place in a home where God is the center.

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