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Storm Story
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Several years ago, we had a pastor who was a former electrical engineer. One evening, we were visiting their home and my husband Mark was helping him with some work outdoors. After a while, a typical Iowa thunderstorm moved in. The wind began to blow and dark clouds gathered. Pastor Don was fine with this until lightning began to flicker in the distance.

Being from Oregon, he was not accustomed to thunder and lightning. In fact, he and his family were so enthralled with their first thunderstorm that they spent the evening indoors with the lights off so that they could peer out the window in awe as though it was the fourth of July.

Our family had, admittedly, laughed a bit as we pictured them all huddled in front of their window counting the seconds between the flashs of lightening in distance and the sound of thunder following. That had been delightful for them because they were safe inside their house. But now being outdoors, even close to the house, was not at all delightful for them.

If I Perish

Pastor Don knew the power of electricity, and having not been desensitized by growing up in the Midwest as we had, he told Mark with all sincerity, “If I perish, tell my family I loved the Lord.” At first glance, this was almost humorous, except for one thing. He was serious!

They finished their work quickly, and neither Pastor Don nor my husband perished. But the sincerity behind Pastor Don’s message to Mark left a lasting impression on me. His greatest concern at the thought of dying was for his family to be assured that he belonged to Jesus.

That is the greatest comfort any of us can have from our loved ones, isn’t it? Separation by death is devastating, but knowing that the day will come when life will be renewed forever for those who belong to Jesus is the best consolation we could receive, or give.

"As for me, I will see your face in righteousness; I shall be satisfied when I awake in your likeness" (Psalm 17:15).

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