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Missing Money
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On this particular day I began imagining what my husband and I might do if we suddenly came into money one of our deceased parents forgot to tell us about. It was a generic advertisement I’d read many times before but never acted upon. The ad was promoting the need for citizens to check a website to see if any unclaimed money might be theirs. Because I have moved more than once during my marriage, I reasoned that there was even a chance we over-paid someone who didn’t have our forwarding address.

I logged onto my computer and entered The National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrator's web address, www.missingmoney.com to follow their instructions. Surely some of the $32.8 billion dollars worth of stocks, dividends, life insurance proceeds, bank accounts or other types of unclaimed money would be mine!

First, I entered the name of our deceased parents for which my husband or I would be a legal heir. It was exciting to see both my maiden and married last name come up on the list. The fact is that not one of the first names or places of last known residence matched my relatives’ criteria.

Next, I decided to put my husband’s name and then my name in the appropriate blanks. The result was more of the same—no match.

Several months later my husband received a notice in the mail stating that he needed to call a bank in the State of California to claim a Certificate of Deposit (CD) that was in his and my deceased father-in-law’s name. The letter noted that if there was no response the unclaimed money would be turned over to the office of the Comptroller of the State of California.


Immediately we began to speculate just how much we might unexpectedly be inheriting. It made sense that I would not have found this money during my web search because the CD had not yet been turned over to the State. We thanked the Lord for this wonderful surprise.

A call to the bank stunned us. It was a surprise all right. The amount that would mature in one month was five cents. The bank employee thought it odd, too. He double checked the data. Bank records showed that five cents was the amount of accrued interest that had not been credited to the account at the time the CD had been cashed.

Had I become greedy? Had I been over-taken by the world’s ambition to strike it rich?

I am so glad that my heavenly Father has promised to give me everything I need. He has given every child of His a trust fund that pays eternal dividends.

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