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An Old Prayer
Photo: Zsuzsanna Kilián
It's been 12 years.

They’d had sex outside of marriage. They’d gone their separate ways. And a child had been born. It wasn’t pretty, it wasn’t easy. But because they both loved this baby girl, they made the best of the situation.

Then she moved across the country, taking the baby with her. And he joined the military which only increased the miles he was from his little girl. But trips were made, many trips, many airline miles and the father-daughter relationship continued to blossom and grow.

During their first year apart he prayed. Prayed that someday she could live with him. Twelve years ago.

And the call came Sunday. Could she come and live with us and go to school here this year? And there was overwhelming joy. Tears from my big, burly husband. His “little” girl was coming to live.

The prayer, twelve years old, was being answered.  “I waited patiently for the Lord, He turned to me and heard my cry”  (Psalms 40:1).

Panic Set In

But then my panic set in. How would we be able to pick her up—this week?? Last minute tickets from here to there run in the thousands of dollars. And what about the work he’d miss and the teaching I’d miss and the school our boys would miss.

Wait, he said. Slow down. This is a prayer the Lord has been working on for 12 years, don’t you think He’s got the travel arrangements under control?


I was reminded of the numerous times throughout the Bible where God tells us that He is going before us. That he is making the way. And all we must do is follow. Deuteronomy 31:3 says, “The Lord your God himself will cross over ahead of you.”

And He did. Not only were we on a nearly free military flight within four days, but we had the surprising blessing of a little time with our families in the States before the Lord got us back home again. All within 14 days. Twelve years and 14 days.

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