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Her Biggest Fear
She was terrified. Of her locker. Her combination locker. The one she had to open on her first day of seventh grade.

It’s all I heard about for weeks before. Not the new teachers, or new students or all the homework. But the locker.

Her first day of school finally arrived and off she went. I waited here at home, hoping and praying that things would go well. That kids would be nice, that teachers would welcome her, that she would fit in—and that her locker would cooperate.

She came home floating on air and buoyed up by clouds of bliss. It had gone great. One girl walked her to the cafeteria, a nice guy helped her find the last class, and the locker? The locker opened. She showed me the combination she’d written on her hand and I didn’t even say anything about ink poisoning or whatever. She was thrilled—with school, with the kids she’d met and most importantly with herself.

She said that she couldn’t wait for the next day, just so she could open her locker again.

Fear Conquered

I think there should be a word for that feeling. The joy and elation that comes after a fear is conquered. It’s more than success, more than relief, more than triumph or pride. But it’s a wonderful mix of all of those.

It’s a feeling I’m familiar with in my spiritual life as well. Knowing that God wants me to do something—ask forgiveness of a friend, share something about my faith with a co-worker, volunteer for a position at church, confront a problem in my marriage, break a bad habit—and being down-right terrified to do it. 

But then I arm myself with the belt of truth, the tank top of righteousness, shoes of peace, my purse of faith, a hat of salvation, the word of God in my heart and prayer, prayer, prayer—and I give it a shot (my version of Ephesians 6:14-18). Nine times out of 10, it goes pretty well. I may not always float on air, but knowing that I’m doing the will of God always comes with its own pillows of joy.

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